A wire transfer is a secure way to make receive online payments instantaneously. When payments are made to online gamblers with a bank wire transfer, the account holder’s identity is confirmed and, even more important, the funds being sent are guaranteed. The potential for fraud using the bank wire transfer process is therefore minimal. This method of payment is sometimes known as a bank transfer, an electronic funds transfer, or EFTs.

Which Online Casinos  Accept Wire Transfers?

Almost any casino you can name is going to offer bank wire transfers as a cashout option. This gives the casino a good, secure way to pay you back with the least hassle. So you’ll find the casinos listed in the table below all offering this payment method. For those who like sports betting or poker gambling along with their virtual casino gambling, most of the brand name sportsbooks and online card rooms also allow wire transfers when it comes time for withdrawing you winnings.

To assure readers their favorite casinos have this option, we’ve taken the trouble of verifying with these sites that wire transfers work for cashing out. Along with a total of 1,606 online gambling sites which use English as a language and accept UK players, these top sites also allow wire transfers when it’s time to cash out your money.

Top Wire Transfer Casinos

Ranking Casino Name Bonus Amount Review Payment Options Minimum Deposit Actions

Bank Wire Transfers for Online Casino Deposits

The bank transfer process puts the funds directly into your banking accounts, allowing for safe withdrawals from online casinos. Many websites have the EFT option for withdrawals, but not for deposits. That’s the reverse of most payment methods, which tend to either allow payments and cashouts, or payments only.

Casino operators, credit card companies, and web wallets get a little nervous when deciding on withdrawal options, because so many governmental authorities tend to dislike it when gamblers are paid by online casino interests. Therefore, more payment options exist than deposits.

That’s not the case with bank wire transfers, though. Unless you’re getting paid through your Visa credit card or the electronic wallet company Neteller, many casinos don’t have too many other options. Since some people don’t want credit card fees or excess money in their web wallet, they tend to prefer having money sent to the bank instead.

Processing Delays for Online Casino Bank Wires

One reason a player might not like wire transfers is being delayed in getting paid. Good casino sites don’t like it when their customers get scammed by identity thieves and they certainly don’t like paying the wrong person, so the security staff at most of the legitimate casinos go through a vetting process with every single payment. That means you’re likely to have a 2 to 5 day delay when getting a wire transfer–perhaps more. This delay isn’t always the fault of the casino, but involves a verification process at your own bank. Financial institutions get curious when they see a company name that seems new or exotic, so they delay payments to verify this transaction is legitimate.

For that reason, you’ll often see casinos suggest a “48 to 72 hours” or “2 to 10 days” as a suitable time for payment. Since the customer service staff at a casino often likes to overshoot the estimates to avoid too many irate customers complaining about unexpected delays, you’ll usually get your payments in closer to 24 to 48 hours.

Transaction Fees Included in Bank Wires

Another drawback to use wired transfers as a withdrawal option is the additional fees incurred. Our reviewers have reported bank wire transfers and bank cheques which costs up to $35 for bigger money sums. Fees on your cashouts seriously take away from your expected return, so many people avoid those bank transaction fees like they’re plague. Luckily, most online casinos aren’t going to have nearly that size transaction fee, but check before selecting this option to be sure.

EFT Wire Transfer

I mentioned earlier that about Electronic Funds Transfer payments. These paperless national payment mechanism is virtually identity to the standard wire transfer, but Casino City has 48 sites particularly listed separately for transactions under this category. Most of these are bingo and lottery sites, but a few are casinos. When looking for EFT online casinos, look for Microgaming and Playtech casino sites, because they often offer the payout option.

Using an Instant Wire Transfer

Another similar payment method is the “instant wire transfer”. This is almost the same as the traditional wire transfer, except the verification process is slightly different. This difference means that the instant wire transfer gets bank verification almost instantly, so the payment clears immediately.¬† Instead of waiting around two to three days, you’ll be able to get your wire transfer instantly.

To use this method, online casinos ask that you initiate the transfer through your bank, then report the account details and transaction to the gaming site which intends to make the payment. When you follow this procedure, your immediate deposit is executed. Only about 21 sites use the instant wire transfer at present, but those who get impatient and don’t mind a tiny bit more work on their end should know about this option (most casino gamers don’t).

Playtech casinos take the lead in this category. If you don’t want to use an e-wallet and you don’t want to have money transferred from an online casino through your credit card account, but you want an instant transfer, then the instant wire transfer through one of these sites is probably your best option. Remember, you’ll have to initiate the transaction on your end so your bank and your casino both know it’s you requesting the money. Otherwise, this is an immediate, hassle-free method of being paid.

Wire Transfer Options

The bank wire transfer offers an entirely different way to get paid directly into your account. The echeck process in my opinion isn’t secure enough, takes too long, and generally has a high fee. Therefore, the wire transfer is the best way to assure you get money transferred directly into your bank account. If you’re willing to use one of the sites listed above, you have the options of getting your funds sent to you in an instantaneous fashion. The EFT and wire transfer often get forgotten when it comes time for cashouts, but don’t be one of those players who forgets.