has reviewed online casinos for over 23 years. Read on to learn a little about our website, its mission statement, our philosophy. We also legal disclaimers and privacy policy information. Before we discuss our past, let’s talk about how we help online casino players in the here and now:

  • Expertise: Decades of collected experience as players and writers in the online gambling industry.
  • Information: Reviews of games and gaming sites, along with how-to guides on casino games.
  • Authenticity: Honest reviews verified through research of sites’ fairness and good practices. History & Timeline

  • January 1998: Launches

    Best Online Casinos 1998 launched content in January 1998. Early articles included how-to guides for casino beginners and strategy tips from experienced gamblers. We also offered advice for signing up to online casinos, since online gaming was a brand new arena.

  • May 2002: Online Casino Reviews

    Best Online Casinos 2002

    By May 2002, BOC had a staff of online casino reviewers. Over the past two decades, we’ve reviewed hundreds of casino sites.

  • June 2006: BOC Rides High During the Poker Boom

    Best Online Casinos 2006

    Like many early gambling review sites, flourished between the years 2003 to 2006, the era of the Poker Boom. These big banner ads from another era made our staff laugh.

  • August 2008: -- a Most Trusted Review Site

    Best Online Casinos 2008

    The US online casino market changed dramatically after UIGEA. BOC responded to the new era by launching a new look, plus many reviews of RTG casinos.

  • February 2011: Reviews of US, European, and Asian Gaming Sites

    Best Online Casinos 2011

    By February 2011, expanded to include reviews of US, European, and Asian online casinos. We even reviewed monthly gaming magazines.

  • January 2013: Launches a News Blog

    Best Online Casinos 2013

    In early 2013, April Bergman and Cliff Spiller joined to help launched the site’s news blog. Meanwhile, the site moved over to WordPress.

  • July 2015: Best Online Casinos Covers Global Gaming News

    Best Online Casinos 2015

    By 2015, our news blog covered gaming stories on 5 continents.

    This snapshot includes World Series of Poker updates, UK Gambling Commission warnings, James Packer news, Paddy Power sports betting, and a Japanese lawsuit against Wynn Resorts.

  • July 2017: Reviews of Bovada,, and Sloto Cash

    Best Online Casinos 2017

    By 2017, Best Online Casinos featured familiar US online casinos like Bovada,, and Sloto Cash — sites we still recommend. We also posted slot reviews, strategy advice, and how-to articles.

  • October 2020: Relaunch

    Best Online Casinos 2020

    In October 2020, relaunched with a much-needed new look. Here in 2021, BOC continues to update and expand its gaming guides, yet our focus remains on posting honest reviews of casino sites.

Our Mission

At Best Online Casinos, we have a simple goal: an honest gambling guide for online players from the USA, UK, Canada, and Australia. Since we launched in 1998, we’ve been an essential resource for players at every step of their gaming career — from beginners to old pros, from penny players to high rollers.

Founded by John Marsh and currently led by Cliff Spiller and James Guill, our staff of reviewers and news bloggers prides itself on the knowledge we impart. Each of us is a gaming enthusiast who backs our years of experience with up-to-the-minute research. When it comes to casino reviews and slot reviews, we play the games to provide our readers with unbiased, well-considered opinions.


Our Viewpoint

European Blackjack

In our view, people who bet online are entitled to play with confidence. Since gamblers are putting their precious money on the line, they deserve the tools to make their online gaming a positive experience. We provide straightforward information, whether you want to know the gaming laws in your country, the odds a game offers, whether a site is fair or safe, and what an experience player’s real opinion is.

We never pull our punches. Our reviews give the pros and cons, letting you make the ultimate decision yourself. Players will find countless opinions, which makes decision making difficult.’s goal is to provide clarity. We can anticipate the questions new players ask, because we once were in the same spot. In the end, we give answers.

Our Policy on Responsible Gambling

Online gambling is a form of entertainment, so it should always remain fun for the players. Most players walk away from a gaming session with no trouble, just like they’d leave a sporting event, concert, or movie theater. A small percentage of players deal with problem gambling, though. takes problem gambling very seriously. For that reason, we offer tips to avoid the worst pitfalls of gambling. We ask anyone who thinks they have a problem to seek assistance.

Corner Bet

Bet Within Your Means

Bet disposable income — never bet more than you can afford.

View gambling as entertainment, not a profession or a source of income.

Six Line Bet

Never Chase Lost Cash

Losing sessions happen.

Know when the game is over. Know when the night is over. Stop before your gambling gets out of control.


Play When It's Fun

Always be at the best of your game.

Never play when tired, sleepy, hungry, intoxicated, or upset. Don’t play to escape your troubles. Approach gambling only when it’s fun.


Have Short Gaming Sessions

Set time limits, win goals, and loss limits.

Less is more in gambling. Don’t have marathon sessions. Savor the moment. Also, set win goals to lock in winnings (when winning). Conversely, set loss limits so you walk away (when losing).

Gamble Responsibly

Practice Responsible Gambling

If you can’t follow #1 through #4, then seek help immediately. Call a gambling hotline.

Get help from trained professionals while maintaining your anonymity. We all make mistakes, so never be ashamed to ask for assistance.

Our Team

Our team reviews online casinos around the globe. They also review casino games, while offering strategy and tips for players. We welcome all questions, comments and concerns. You can use the following email address to contact us:

  • James Guill – A veteran poker player and gaming writer who’s worked for PokerNews, Bwin, and CardPlayer Lifestyle. James provides news updates 5 days a week, while offering his Game of the Week for players who want a new thrill. Follow James on Twitter for his opinions on poker, Bitcoin, or life as a part-time picker.
  • Cliff Spiller – A gaming writer with 17 years in the business who’s been cited in USA Today and Casino City Times. Cliff started in the business exposing scam artists who claimed they had secret systems to beat slot machines. He wrote the BOC news blog for 6 years and now oversees gaming laws, casino reviews, and slot reviews. Cliff has indulged his love of games as a (onetime) DMOZ card games editor, Scrabble site owner, and member of a Sunday night gaming group.
  • April Bergman – Launched the BOC news blog in late 2012 and 2013. April is an 18-year veteran of the online gambling community who posted hundreds of news and gaming law articles for the site over the years. Once the world returns to normal, April hopes to indulge her love of horse racing with visits to much-loved tracks throughout the United States and Canada again.

If you wish to meet our team of reviewers, editors and web developers, keep reading about our staff on this site’s Our Team page.

Your Privacy

This section covers how we handle your information. To learn more, read our Privacy Policy page.

We respect your right to privacy. If and when we collect information about you, be assured that we will never sell, share or rent this information to third-party companies without your prior consent.

You should be aware that we do keep traffic logs for this website. This information tells us how our visitors find us, how they use the site and what they’re looking for. This information is only used to improve the website, and it tells us nothing in specific terms about our visitors. Each visitor is anonymous.

We use cookies. This tracks incoming visitors and tells us where they go when they leave the site. Cookies are also placed in advertisements on the site by our advertisers.


This is our disclaimer. By using this website, you understand and/or agree that:

We’re not responsible for information that may be misrepresented or outdated.

We’re not responsible for your actions. This includes where you gamble online, if it’s legal for you to gamble online, if you pick up viruses playing online or if you lose money gambling.

Please understand that our privacy policy and disclaimers are for this website. It is your responsibility to read the terms, disclaimers and privacy policies of any website you may visit from here.

Help for Problem Gambling

Our website is not a gambling website / casino. We have no way of knowing which of our visitors may have a gambling problem. So if you or someone you know has a gambling problem, we recommend visiting the following websites:

Source: National Council on Problem Gambling

If you live in the United States, then you’ll be able to find state-specific websites that have information about gambling problems and addiction.