About Us

With hundreds of pages detailing how to play casino games, where to play them online and the latest news, at some point one of our visitors is bound to ask, who the heck writes all this stuff?

That’s why this page exists. So below you’ll find details on what this website is about, who the people are behind it and some of the legal stuff about privacy and disclaimers we’re told we have to include.

What Type of Information Will You Find on BestOnlineCasinos.com?

This site is a one stop shop for people interested in casino gaming. Here are the topics we cover:

Casino Games – This includes game rules, table game strategy and general information on topics like bankroll management, betting systems and so on.

Casino Reviews – We have written 240+ reviews (and counting) about online casinos. We cover any and everything you’d want to know before signing up. This includes details on the casinos’ games, banking options, promotions and accepted countries. We also tell you their strengths and weaknesses so that you can choose the casino best suited to your needs.

Legal Information – Our legal section helps keep you informed on the legality of gambling in each state, both in terms of online and off.

News – We keep you up to date on the latest casino news. We report on both off and online casino stories.

Articles are added to the site on a regular basis, so there is always something new and interesting to read. For that reason we recommend that you bookmark our site and check back daily.

How to Contact BestOnlineCasinos.com Staff

We welcome all questions, comments and concerns. You can use the following email address to contact us: support@bestonlinecasinos.com.

About Our Authors

There’s no way this site would exist without a team of writers. So we’ve put together an amazing team of writers that have years of experience between them. Here are our primary writers and details on what they contribute to the site.

John Marsh – John enjoys games of skill the most, such as blackjack and poker. But he’s definitely not above playing the Iron Man or Hulk slot machines when duty calls. Most of our game rules and strategy pages were written by Mr. Marsh.

Stan McCormick – Writing legal information is no easy task, especially in an easy-to-read manner. But Stan pulls it off. When he’s not researching state gambling laws he handles the task of updating the website.

James Guill – James is our news writer. This takes a lot of effort, as he has to keep an eye out for news, research the legitimacy of each story and write about it fast enough that, by the time you read it, it’s not yesterday’s news. As of 2019-2020, James includes a “Game of the Week” among his news stories. Mr. Guill is an experienced poker writer with a strong presence on Twitter.

Shihaam Isaacs – Shihaam Isaacs writes for BOC. Shihaam is a B2B expert with 7 years of experience as a content editor at iGaming DIGITAL. She is a resident of Cape Town, South Africa and has a Marketing Management degree from University of Western Cape. Ms. Isaacs speaks 4 languages and is a fan of Deadmau5.

Cliff Spiller – Cliff Spiller was the news writer from 2013 to 2019. He’s now an editor for our site, bringing the same dedication and attention to detail he provided in hundreds of blog posts. Cliff focuses on state gambling laws and slot review these days.

Brian Parker – If you’re reading about a specific casino or about what casinos you can play at on your iPad or Android phone, chances are high that you’re reading Brian’s work. He loves reviewing new casinos. We’re guessing that has something to do with being able to play the games while he’s “working.”

This covers what you “see” on the website. But we also have several others handling the various unseen aspects of building a website of this magnitude. Combined we (easily) have more than 25 years experience in casino gaming.

Privacy Policy

This section covers our privacy policy.

We respect your right to privacy. If and when we collect information about you, be aware that we will never sell, share or rent this information to 3rd party companies without your prior consent.

You should be aware that we do keep traffic logs for this website. This information tells us how our visitors find us, how they use their site and what they’re looking for. This information is only used to improve the website, and it tells us nothing in specific about our visitors. Each visitor is anonymous.

We use cookies. This tracks incoming visitors and tells us where they go when they leave the site. Cookies are also placed in advertisements on the site by our advertisers.


This is our disclaimer. By using this website you understand and/or agree that:

We’re not responsible for information that may be misrepresented or outdated.

We’re not responsible for your actions. This includes where you gamble online, if it’s legal for you to gamble online, if you pick up viruses playing online or if you lose money gambling.

Please understand that our privacy policy and disclaimers are for this website. It is your responsibility to read the terms, disclaimers and privacy policies of any website you may visit from here.

Help for Problem Gambling

Our website is not a gambling website / casino. We have no way of knowing which of our visitors may have a gambling problem. So if you or someone you know has a gambling problem, we recommend visiting the following websites:

Source: National Council on Problem Gambling

If you live in the United States then you’ll be able to find state specific websites that have information about gambling problems and addiction.

FAQ: Best Online Casinos About Us

Are you a casino?

We are not an online casino. Best Online Casinos gives honest reviews of online casinos. We review online casino games like slots, table games, and live dealer games. We give advice on mobile gaming, along with strategy tips on select table games. Our goal is to inform new online casino players about the industry, but we are not an online casino.

How quickly do you respond to reader questions?

BOC has no set time table, but our dedicated webmaster reads email queries and responds within a timely fashion. We have new bloggers, static content writers, editors, and a webmaster who oversees the site. With so many contributors, our review pages are verified by several experts, so you have our guarantee to the authenticity and safety of the sites we recommend.

We also have SEO experts who advise our writing staff, along with a design team that’s in the middle of a major redesign of the site. Best Online Casinos launched in 1998, so it’s an old website. We’re in the middle of updating our site for the online casino industry of 2020 and beyond, so our goal is to become ever-more responsive to reader queries.

Can you help with a deposit or cash out related question?

We do not help players with deposit-related or withdrawal-related questions. If you have complaints or concerns, we’d like to know about them so we can verify and report. At the same time, we do not handle customer relations with individual casinos.

If you have concerns, we recommend players visit the “Complaints” page at AskGamblers.com. Ask Gamblers allows real money gamblers to post their reviews and complaints, while customer representatives from many online casinos interact with the posters. Once there, you can use the dropdown menu get help, submit complaints, read casino complaints, research software issues, or otherwise learn about specific issues with bonuses, withdrawals, or payments.

How often do you update your website?

We update Best Online Casinos five days a week. Our goal is to provide readers with the latest information on the online casino industry, whether it’s posting the latest news stories, reviews of the trendiest online gambling sites, or answering questions from our readers.

Who are your industry experts?

Read through our writer bios above for our specific industry experts at the moment. Over the years, dozens of gaming experts have contributed their knowledge to BOC. In the past, industry experts like Andreas Emmanuel, Cheryle Kaus, and Randy Ray wrote content for this site. John Marsh wrote hundreds of casino reviews, game reviews, and strategy articles. Cliff Spiller wrote hundreds of news posts.

Currently, James Guill is our news blogger. John Marsh discusses games of skill like poker and blackjack. Shihaam Isaacs discusses a wide range of digital gaming subjects, while covering B2B slots content. Stan McCormick is our legal expert, while Cliff Spiller updates international gaming law and specific US state gambling law articles. Brian Parker covers the mobile casino industry.

Altogether, we select veteran players and reviewers who’ve caught our eye over the years. BOC assigns specialists in every field, so you can read our reviews with confidence that we’ve vetted and tested a site thoroughly before posting a review.