To play craps online can be very fun and entertaining. Along with Sic Bo, craps is one of the few dice games played in land-based or USA online casinos. Shooting dice allows bettors to share the same bet with other gamblers at the table, thus providing camaraderie and shared excitement.

This basic guide to playing craps online has a glossary with an introduction to the bets, as well as online craps tips and strategy. We provide tips on where to play craps online, as well as where you’ll find the best mobile craps downloads. We also provide an FAQ section that answers questions about playing craps online.

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How to Play Craps

Learn the rules of craps by playing online craps for real money . First, read this step-by-step guide to playing craps online.

  1. Sign Up at an Online Casino: Again, read online casino reviews to check to see your chosen casino has online craps. Fill in the registration form, then activate the account by clicking on the sign-up email.
  2. Make a Deposit: Deposit using your favored banking method, such as credit cards, web wallets, crypto-currencies, or electronic payment services. Give the promo code for the welcome bonus.
  3. Table Games Bonuses: Choose new online casinos that allows real money craps to satisfy the wagering requirement. Craps and other table games often have a lower contribution rate.
  4. Visit Table Games Section: Next, click on the Table Games section in the games menu. To play craps online, click on the online craps icon and the game opens in the software or web browser. Play craps online for real money.
  5. If Craps Isn’t Available: If you don’t find online craps, check the Specialty Games section. Also check the live dealer games section to Play Live Craps. If craps can’t be found, play online Sic Bo (another dice game).
  6. Cash Out Winnings: Once you’ve played craps online, have cleared the wagering requirement on the casino bonus, and have winnings, cash out using Bitcoin, bank wire transfers, or check by courier.

Craps Rules

Craps easy to learn and requires no strategy. The main craps strategy is learning which bets have the best odds.

  • Pass Line Bet: The object of craps is for the shooter to roll a 7 or 11 on the come-out roll, which wins the Pass Line bet. If the shooter rolls a 2, 3, or 12, then he or she loses. Any other number establishes a point.
  • Establishing the Point: If you roll a 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, or 10, this establishes the point. The shooter’s goal then is to roll the point again before rolling a 7.
  • Come Bet: The come bet is just like the Pass Line bet, except it’s made after the point is established. If a 6 is the point, then you continue to roll until either a 6 or a 7 is rolled.
  • Don’t Pass, Don’t Come Bets: Non-shooters also can make the Don’t Pass bet and the Don’t Come bet. These wagers are when you bet against the shooter.
  • Craps Betting Layout: The craps online layout has many other wagers. These offer bigger payouts, but also a higher house edge. Beyond the basic bets described above, you’ll find many sucker bets.

Craps Tips

Some craps bets are for suckers, so most of the craps tips below describing maximizing your odds and avoiding the bad bets.

  • Make the Pass Line Bet: It has a house edge of 1.41%, which is one of the best bets in the casino for a game with no strategy. The Come Bet has the same odds.
  • Make the Don’t Pass Bet: If you want the lowest house edge, make the Don’t Pass Bet, which has a 1.36% house edge. The downside is you’re betting against the shooter and most other bettors at the table.
  • Learn to Make the Odds Bet: The Odds bet is made after the point is established and has a 0% house edge. Experienced online craps players take the odds when they can.
  • Place 6 and Place 8 Bets: If you want to try other wagers, then opt for the Place 6 bet or the Place 8 bet. Both have a house edge of 1.52%.
  • Don’t 6 and Don’t 8 Bets: Once again, if you wish to go against the grain, bet the Don’t 6 or Don’t 8 bets, which are the opposite of the Place 6/8 bets. The house edge is 1.82%.
  • Avoid the Sucker Bets: Craps has many sucker bets, which can have a house edge of 10% or more. Avoid the Big 6 and Big 8 bets, the Hardway bets, the Any 7 bet, and several other lousy craps bets (link).

Craps Bets Explained

Playing craps online can be intimidating, because of the many exotic-looking craps bets. Keep in mind those are the sucker bets. So you won’t be intimidated, here’s a brief description of the many craps bets.

Pass Bets

This is the basic bet in craps. It’s also the second-best bet in terms of a house edge. Pass line bets pay off even-money if a player rolls either a total of 7 or 11 on the come-out roll. They also lose on come-out rolls of 2,3, or 12, known as “craps.”

If the 2, 3, 7, 11, or 12 isn’t rolled on the come-out roll, then the number rolled established a “point”. The object becomes to roll that number a second time before rolling 7.

Don’t Pass Bets

The Don’t Pass Bet is the opposite of pass bets, so it’s a bet against the shooter. This bet wins if the shooter throws a craps or 2 or 3, but not a craps of 12 on the come-out roll. These bettor wins if the shooter rolls a 7 before repeating the point number.

When does a don’t pass bets lose? If the come-out roll is a total of 7 or 11, or if the shooter repeats his point number before rolling another 7.

The payout percentage for the don’t pass bet (1.35%) is slightly better than the payout percentage for the pass bet (1.41%).

Come Bets

Come bets are identical to the pass line bets, except it’s made after the point is determined. You place a come bet by stacking chips in the section of the craps bottom that’s labeled “Come.”

Don’t Come Bet

Don’t come bets are like Don’t pass bets, but they’re made after the point is established.

Place Bets

Place bets is a wager on a specific number being rolled before the next roll of 7. Make place bets on 4,5,6,8,9, and 10. Bettors can make place bets at any point in a round of craps. The house edge on place bets range from 1.52% to 6.67%, so pay close attention to which place bets you make. Hint: Make Place 6 or Place 8 bets.

Yo Bet

The Yo Bet is a wager on the 11. In a loud casino setting, the numbers 7 and 11 often sound the same, so dealers call out “Yo” instead of 11. This is a sucker bet with an 11.11% house edge.

3 Way Craps Bet

In the game of craps, a three-way bet, also known as a three-way craps bet, is essentially a group of three individual bets combined. This type of wager encompasses the numbers 2, 3, and 12, each with its own distinct odds. The number 3 yields odds of 15:1, offering a substantial payout if luck falls on your side. Meanwhile, both the 2 and 12 provide a more lucrative reward with odds standing at 30:1.

While it might seem appealing due to its potential high return, remember that the three-way craps bet is a high-risk move in the game, and should be employed strategically for optimal results. Knowing when and how to use this bet can significantly enhance your overall craps strategy.

3 Bet

A wager on the 3 coming up on the come-out roll. Again, this is a bad bet with an 11.11% house edge.

2 Bet

A wager on the 2 as the result on the come-out roll. There is a 13.89% house edge is one of the worst at the craps table.

12 Bet

A bet that the number 12 appears on the come-out roll. It’s also got a 13.89% house edge.

Hi-Lo Bet

A wager that either the 2 or the 12 appears on the come-out roll. It has an awful 11.11% house edge.

Craps Bet

A bet that the 2, 3, or 12 (i.e. “craps”) happens on the come-out roll. It’s a sucker bet with an 11.11% casino advantage.

Any 7 Bet

A wager that the come-out roll produces a 7. This is the worst bet in craps, with a house edge of 16.67%.

The Combined Bet

Also known as the C&E because it combines the craps bet (2,3,12) with the eleven (11). This is the same as the horn bet and has a similar 12.5% house edge.

The Horn Bet

A wager that one of the four highest/lowest numbers appear: 2, 3, 11, or 12. Its house edge is 12.5%.

Field Bet

A wager that the next roll comes up the 2, 3, 4, 9, 10, 11, or 12. The house edge is a more reasonable 5.56%, though there are better bets in craps.

The Whirl Bet

Also called the “world bet”, it wagers that the 2, 3, 7, 11, or 12 appears on the next roll. It has a house edge of 13.33% – one of the worst in the game.

Big 6 / Big 8 Bets

This is a wager the shooter rolls any 6 or any 8 before the 7 is rolled The house edge on Big 6 and Big 8 bets are 9.09%, so you can find better propositions.

Buys Bet

Buy bets let you wager on whether a specific number appears before the 7. It is the opposite of the lay bets. The house edge on the buy bets is 4.76%.

If the casino only takes the commission on a win, then the house edge lowers to 1.67% on a Buy 4/Buy 10 bet, 1.96% on a Buy 5/Buy 9 Bet, and 2.22% on a Buy 6/Buy 8 Bet.

Lay Bet

Lay bets let you wager on the 7 appearing before a specific number. The casino charges a commission because 7s are likelier to appear than any other single number. The house edge on the lay bets range from 2.44% to 4.00%, so several of these are respectable.

Hint: Make the Lay 4 or Lay 10 bet, if you choose to make this wager. If the casino only takes a commission on winning lay bets, then the house edge is 1.67% on a Lay 4/Lay 10 bet, 2.00% on a Lay 5/Lay 9 bet, and 2.27% on a Lay 6/Lay 8 bet.

Hard Way Bets

Hard way bets are so-named because you have to roll a number in a specific way. In craps, a hard number is a number that’s rolled in two smaller identical totals. A “hard 8” is when both dice show 4, for example. Hard way bets are wagers that a specific hard number will come up.

The potential profits are high but so are the risks. The house edge on hard way bets range from 9.09% to 11.11%, so they aren’t good.

Horn Bets

A horn bet is four bets stacked together, combining bets on the 2, 3, 11, and 12. All horn bet amounts must be divisible by four, and they only pay off on one win at a time. The horn bet’s house edge is a whopping 12.50%.

Online Craps Bets: House Edge & Payout Information

Type of Bet House Edge Payout Amount
Don’t Pass / Don’t Come Bet 1.36% 1 to 1
Pass / Come Bet 1.41% 1 to 1
Place 6 / Place 8 1.52% 7:6
Field Bet 5.56% 1:1 on 3/4/9/10/11, 2:1 on 2/12
Lay 4 / Lay 10 2.44% 1:2 (-5% of bet)
Lay 5 / Lay 9 3.23% 2:3 (-5% of bet)
Place 5 / Place 9 4.00% 7:5
Lay 6 / Lay 8 4.00% 5:6 (-5% of bet)
Buy 4 / Buy 10 4.76% 2:1 (-5% of bet)
Buy 5 / Buy 9 4.76% 3:2 (-5% of bet)
Buy 6 / Buy 8 4.76% 6:5 (-5% of bet)
Place 4 / Place 10 6.67% 9:5
Type of Bet House Edge Payout Amount
Hard 6 / Hard 8 9.09% 1:1
Big 6 / Big 8 9.09% 9:1
Yo Bet 11.11% 15:1
3 Bet 11.11% 15:1
Hi-Lo Bet 11.11% 15:1
Craps Bet 11.11% 7:1
Hard 4 / Hard 10 11.11% 7:1
C&E Bet 11.11% 3:1 on 2/3/12, 7:1 on 11
Horn Bet 12.50% 27:4 on 2/12, 3:1 on 3/11
Whirl Bet 13.33% 26:5 on 2/12, 11:5 on 3/11, 0:1 on 7 (push)
2 Bet 13.89% 30:1
12 Bet 13.89% 30:1
Any 7 Bet 16.67% 4:1
Odds Bets 0.00% 2:1 on 4/10, 3:2 on 5/9, 6:5 on 6/8

History of Craps: A Timeline of Dice Gaming

Gamblers had a long journey to playing craps online. Dice games have been around since ancient times. Craps is a bit younger, but a game resembling craps is nearly a thousand years old.

  • 1095-1271: Craps in the Crusades

    Craps History

    Gaming experts believe craps was played by soldiers during the Crusades, which began in the late 11th century. Some suggest the game’s name comes from “crapaud”, a French word for kneeling. This is likely a craps myth.

  • 18th Century: Hasard Comes to England

    Bernard De Marigny Craps

    Dice games came to England in the 1700’s from the continent. London aristocrats played a game they called “Hasard”, literally meaning hazard. One European aristocrat, Bernard de Marigny, took the game to North America in the early 1800’s.

  • 19th Century: Craps Comes to America

    US Craps Begins

    At a time when France governed New Orleans, de Marigny took the game to the French Quarter. The city’s elites dismissed the game, though.

    Hasard players called a 2 or 3 on a come-out roll “crabs”. Locals mispronounced the word, so Americans soon called the game “craps”.

  • 1800s: Craps on the Mississippi River Delta

    New Orleans Craps

    That didn’t stop the spread of craps gaming. Deckhands on riverboats and fieldhands up-and-down the Mississippi River delta enjoyed the game, as it had easily-carried equipment and took no time to set up.


  • 20th Century Craps

    US Soldiers Play Craps

    Craps gained widespread popularity in the United States during the World Wars. US soldiers enjoyed the game, once again because a pair of dice was easy to carry while in combat zones.

  • Craps During America's Post-War Boom

    Casino Craps at the Sands

    16 million Americans served in the US military during World War II. When these millions of veterans returned to the quiet life back home, they brought a love of craps with them. In the post-war boom, many vacationed in Las Vegas. Casinos took notice of craps’ popularity and installed craps tables on gaming floors.

  • Hollywood Touts Dice Shooters

    Craps in the Movies

    Hollywood movies in the coming years would feature craps, glamourizing the game.

    In the generation or two after World War II, films like Beyond the Purple Hills (1950), Guys and Dolls (1955), Diamonds Are Forever (1971), and Walking Tall (1973) featured scenes with craps shooters.

    Craps has been featured in many movies in the decades since: The Big Town (1987), Harlem Nights (1989), Casino (1995), Hard Eight (1996), and The Cooler (2003) are a few of them.

  • 1990s: Online Casino Craps


    When the Internet launched, online casino craps became one of the first casino games played online. Craps online had simple graphics, though the betting layout of an online craps game is a little more complicated to render.

  • 2000's: Mobile Craps Apps

    Mobile Casino

    In the 2000s, game designers created casino craps apps. These days, mobile casino games open in the web browser, so you don’t need an iPhone craps app or Android craps app.

  • 21st Century: Live Dealer Craps

    Live Craps

    Many craps players still preferred brick-and-mortar craps games, because they allowed more social interaction and didn’t involve an RNG. In the past few years, casinos now feature live dealer craps. Live casinos give players the convenience of playing craps online, while offering the real-time results, camaraderie, and social gaming that dice shooters love.

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