Online Casinos Accepting eChecks

Echeck is a method of adding cash to your online casino account without using credit cards, debit cards, or an ewallet service. Many people don’t like using a charge card online, for fear their credit card information will be stolen and used to steal their identity. Others don’t like to use web wallets, because they don’t like to keep up with the password information and account info from multiple financial institutions. The echeck casino option becomes a way they can fund their gaming activities while keeping things simple.

eChecks & Instant Checks for Online Casino Deposits

The electronic check or instant check is way to pay for your gambling if you want to handle everything through your bank account. I’d only use this method if I’m playing at a casino that’s well-known and has a solid reputation. I’d also only fund the account with the money needed to fund my gambling activities, moving the cash over from another secure account when it’s time to deposit again at the casino. That way, if someone does get your checking information, they’ll only be able to take a small amount of your bankroll, budget, and savings.

What Is an Echeck?

An echeck is an electronic check, the Internet equivalent of the checks you would write at the grocery store or the convenience store. This payment method is tied to your checking account through a routing number, so these funds come right out of your bank account. You’ll need to provide verification to used this deposit method.

Many electronic payment services or web wallets offer the echeck as a service. So PayPal casinos or Neteller or Moneybookers might service your echeck. According to Investopedia, the electronic check provides for greater security than the standard checks you write from your checkbook, because it has more security features attached to it and requires fewer steps to process (so fewer people see your information). The security features Investopedia mentions inlcude authentication, encryption, digital signatures, and public key cryptography.

The electronic check is governed by the same laws as standard paper checks issued by banks. Any transaction a paper check is good for, the echeck is also going to be legitimate to use. The U.S. Treasury Department itself using echeck’s when paying its debts online and these make up the bulk of the Department of Treasury’s online bill paying. In the online gambling industry, you’ll often see this form of payment listed as “bank check”, “bank cheque”, or “check/cheque”. I’ve even seen these referred to as “bank draft/cheque”. This can also refer to the old-fashioned written and signed check, so this can cause confusion at times.

Are eChecks as Safe as Credit Cards?

Because an echeck / instant check is safer than a paper check, that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s as safe or effective as a credit card payment. One advantage a credit card has over an e-check is the ability to dispute unknown charges. When you notice an unknown charge on your credit card, or your credit card issuer notices the same, the company stops payment and disputes the charge. If you use an electronic check, security and oversight is going to be left to whichever bank you have an account with. Not only might this bank not have the resources or latest security software or technology used by Visa or Mastercard, but if a payment has already come out of your account and is resting in some other person’s account, it’s going to be a whole lot harder to retrieve.

For that reason, it’s still preferable to use a credit card payment to an electronic check, in most cases. That’s why Visa or Mastercard continues to be used more often than echecks. This method becomes preferable when your credit card company begins to question your payments to or withdrawals from online casino sites. The aforementioned situation where you dispute charges from a casino site can cause its own unique problems, too.

A common scenario when using your credit card is when an online casino is slow in paying you, after you’ve made a deposit in their system and wanted to cashout after a quick win. In this scenario, those gamblers who want their credit card company to dispute with the gambling company often find themselves being monitored more closely by the credit card company–they see gambling as increasing your risk of maxing out your card, being delinquent, going into default, or even bankruptcy. In other words, Visa or Mastercard noticing your gambling payments causes them to consider you riskier.

Many people want no part of that situation, so they choose to avoid disputes through their credit card company. Unfortunately, a similar situation can arise when your primary financial institution begins to notice echecks going to and coming from an electronic casino.

For that reason, some online gamblers prefer to set up a separate checking account for their gambling expenses. This keeps online gaming transactions out of their normal account, where their bank, accountant, and spouse sees these payments and cashouts. That’s one reason most online casino sites send you checks by the name of their parent companies, because they sound less like online gambling sites than “888casino” or “bet365 Casino” would.

Are eCheck Casinos Open to USA Players?

At present, 63 different gambling sites allow for instant check casino deposit and accept United States players. Casinos accepting eCheck include Realtime Gaming sites like Club USA CasinoLucky Red Casino, High Noon. Don’t assume RTG sites are the only options, though. Microgaming casinos like Red Flush Casino also participate, while lesser known software providers like Amigotechs Inc, who also offer instant check deposit services through a few casinos.

I would be careful when using this payment method and research the casino property closely when sending e-checks. There are multiple sites that do accept instant check casino deposits, however we only reccomend the casinos listed above.

Instant Check Casinos for UK and Canadian Casino Players

Players from the United Kingdom and / or Canada have a much wider selection, with at least 348 different sites which accept bank draft cheques. These are some of the most famous sites in the world, such as Ladbrokes Casino888 Casino, and William Hill Casinos. This underscores the fact that legalizing online gambling protects players by giving them access to more choice and a larger number of legitimate choices. When you make something a black market activity, people are less protected under the law. I suppose the United States government figures those citizens who engage in online gambling get what they deserve, but it’s hard to say that US gamblers are better served than their UK counterparts. Instead, American who want to gamble are expected to drive to the gas station and buy a state-operated lottery ticket with its 55% or 60% payout rate, which is somehow considered more legitimate.