Online Casino Bonuses

Casino bonuses are rewards players receive from online properties, sometimes freely and other times on certain conditions, for signing up, making deposits, being loyal, referring others to the casino, and so forth.

All casinos offer one type of bonus or another to online gamblers as a way of attracting high traffic. These casino bonuses are accessed via bonus codes and often accompanied by bonus clearance requirements. A casino will offer certain bonuses depending on the software, what constitutes the bonus, the brand, and the target audience.

Different Types of Bonuses for Online Casinos

Casino bonuses are plentiful. They include the casino cashback, which is one of the rarest online casino bonuses, but also one of the most sought after by online gamblers because of the lucrative nature of the cashback bonus. A player gets back the cash they’ve lost in form of cash or credit. Every casino offering cashback will have its own percentage and timeframe of rewarding the player. Both parties win: the player is saved from total loss and their bankroll is stretched, while the casino gets an irresistible incentive through the timeframe to keep players coming back.

Exclusive bonuses are another major attraction. A player can receive an exclusive bonus by signing up at a casino by following an exclusive link from a third-party website. It’s a win-win situation for everyone: the casino gets additional customers, the player gets fantastic deals, and the third-party website gets an incentive for providing readers with the best deals. The two major bonuses usually offered through a casino’s arrangement with a website are match bonuses and no deposit bonuses. Exclusive casino bonuses offer new players a great way of increasing their start-up bankroll and experienced players a risk-free way of trying new things.

No deposit bonuses are quite common, and they are available as the exclusive no deposit bonuses or as no deposit free play bonuses. The free play bonuses involve free cash advance offered to players to play casino games and for those who maximize the bonuses’ free play section. These bonuses can offer a deposit return of up to 1000%. For instance, a casino could offer a $2500 bonus for an hour. Any winning the player gets within the hour is transferred to their account up to a certain amount. This means with a minimum first deposit of even $50, the player will end up with up to 400% bonus.

High roller bonuses are the greatest bonuses at online casinos and are offered to the high-stakes players. They usually exceed a $300 maximum bonus value. Generally, they are characterized by a brand renowned for a solid reputation, high maximum bonus amounts, and low wagering requirements. Other types of bonuses include weekly and monthly bonuses, reload bonuses, and refer-a-friend bonuses.

What Does It Mean to Clear a Casino Bonus?

Clearing casino bonuses has never been an easy task. The bonuses often come with wagering requirements that dictate how much of their deposits players must first spend within a given period in order to be able to access all their bonuses. The most effective strategy for clearing bonuses is to play high probability, low risk, and low variance games using small wagers so that the amount you lose is less than the bonus amount and you can pocket what’s left. Blackjack is by far the best game as it is mathematically perfect; it has the smallest house edge, but you will want to check which games your bonus allows you to play in order to clear your bonus. Wagers placed on some games are often exempt from clearing requirements.

What Is a Rollover Requirement?

Every online casino has clear rollover requirements stipulated in its fine print. Also called wagering requirements, they state that a player must first wager a certain amount of money so as to withdraw a bonus or its proceeds. Rollover requirements exist to protect the casinos because in their absence players would sign up, make deposits and then withdraw their bonus cash without even playing, and the casinos would bleed money till they went out of business.

How Do Bonuses Vary with Rollover Requirements?

Bonuses can be withdrawn only after a player has made wagers amounting to a specific amount at the casino. This relationship between the bonus and the rollover requirement is best explained with an example. Say you sign up at a casino offering 100% deposit bonus and you make a $100 first deposit. In this casino’s fine print, the wagering requirements state a player has to wager 20 times the deposit and bonus amount. This means with your account total being $200, you have to wager 20x $200, which is betting action worth $4,000.

How do Certain Games Affect the Bonus?

Most casino bonuses usually exclude some games or reduce their impact on rollover requirements. Games often excluded have a low house advantage and they include BlackjackVideo PokerBaccarat, and Craps. Some casinos reduce these games’ impact on meeting the rollover requirements instead of excluding them entirely, such that Blackjack wagers could count by .50 meaning every $1 wagered reduces the remaining rollover requirements by $0.50.

Cashable and Noncashable Bonuses

Any online casino bonus is either a cashable bonus or a noncashable (sticky) bonus. Cashable bonuses are those that can be withdrawn when a player meets the wagering requirements while sticky bonuses cannot be withdrawn and are instead used alongside a player’s deposits to play any game they want. Any proceeds from the noncashable bonus can be withdrawn but the bonus itself cannot be converted into actual money.