The games. They are what make or break a casino.

Because casino games are so important, we’ve dedicated a lot of time to writing about them, and real estate in sharing all the information with you.

What you’ll find on our site are the most popular games and variations, the rules, strategies and histories. We also refer to our years of industry experience and research to tell you where the best online casinos are for each game.

This page serves as an entry way to the main game hubs on our website. You’ll find those below. Further down the page we answer questions about choosing a casino game to play based on different factors, from people who are trying casino games out for the first time.

We have created individual sections for the most popular casino games. They’re listed below. Is your favorite game included? If not, shoot us a message using our contact page and we’ll try to get a free version of the game for you.

FAQ on How to Choose a Casino Game to Play

Which game is best for a small bankroll?

Small is relative. The answer depends on how much money you have. A person with $20 should play different games than someone with $100.

My recommendation is this – if you have less than $100, you should stick to machine-based games. This includes slots and video poker. The reason being is that the stakes are as low as .01 to .10 per turn, depending on the game, machine and casino. That way, you can stretch your bankroll and get some adequate playing time.

If your bankroll is $100 or more, however, you have more options. You can consider playing table / card games. Most of these games have a minimum of $1, which gives you 100 turns (assuming you lose them all, which you won’t), or a couple of hours of play time.

Which game can I win the most money playing?

You’ll win the most money at one time playing games with progressive jackpots. These can pay out 4-8 figure sums within on turn. And the only requirements is that you bet the maximum amount, or pay into the side bet.

That said, chances are that you’ll never hit a progressive jackpot. The odds are too high.

So my second answer is to play a game where you can create an edge for yourself. A couple of examples include blackjack, sports betting or poker. You may not make millions (most people won’t, anyway), but you can make good money if you take the time to learn the basic strategies and always push to improve. Luck will play a small role, too.

Which game has the best / worst odds (for the player)?

The games with the best house odds include blackjack and variations (less than 1 percent), followed by video poker, baccarat and pai gow poker (between 1-2 percent).

The game with the worst house odds is keno (between 25-30 percent house edge).

What casino games are mobile-friendly?

All of them. But whether or not you can play them will depend on the casino.

You shouldn’t have a problem finding slots, blackjack, roulette or craps, though. Mobile slots, like their web counterparts, will make up the majority of any casino’s mobile game library.

Games you won’t see too much of include live dealer games, less popular variations, and table games like pai gow poker or baccarat. Especially for US players.

I expect this to change in the future, though. Mobile is growing, so casino game selection should only be expected to grow in the future, too.

Which casino games are the most profitable?

The most profitable casinos games are games you can beat. That includes blackjack, poker and sports betting.

Other casino games can be beaten in the short term, due to their low house edge. But that assumes you use basic strategy (when applicable), and that luck runs in your favor. Those games include video poker, baccarat, pai gow poker, and any other game with a 1-2 percent house edge.

What games require no download?

Most casinos offer a no download option. What games are available will depend on the casino and software they use.

At the very least you’ll be able to play the basics, such as slots, video poker, craps, roulette and blackjack. What may not be readily available are variations, like Spanish 21 or French roulette. Any game that isn’t as popular, really.