How Can I Win at Slots?

You should be suspicious of anything you hear about beating the slots. Plenty of people want to take your money and hand you some sure-fire way of making money playing slot machines, but no one really has the secret. That’s because there is no secret. Beating a slot machine means pulling a lever and taking your chances.

Do a quick search online and you’ll find thousands of machines, books, and even online classes that say they can help you win every time you put money in a slot. There is no way to guarantee you win at slots: there are no devices you can use, no shaved coins that will fit in modern machines, and no betting or playing pattern that will actually help you earn more money.

Here are four tips that can help you win at slots in different ways. None of these methods influence the outcome of the game, but these are good slot machine gambling habits that make slots more fun and (potentially) more profitable over the long term.

Pay attention to slot machine payout charts.

Casinos put something on every slot machine that can help you choose slot machines that are advantageous to you, the gambler. Every slot machine has a payout chart that shows in plain language and symbols how each machine pays out winnings, for what combinations, and how much you earn.

These payout schedules are all you need to know to tell if a machine is right for you. Payouts depend on a lot of factors, such as the amount of your wager and the inclusion of side bets. How does reading a payout schedule affect your slot gaming?

The most important feature of a slot machine’s payout schedule is the reward you get for betting maximums versus betting minimum amounts. Winning a jackpot with a one coin bet may offer an 800 credit payout, but you can see on the payout schedule that if you’d bet maximum, you would have won a cool 2,500 credits. In most instances, it is smart to bet max, but by studying payout schedules, you can find opportunities for placing smaller wagers.

Understanding a payout schedule is important because the amount you wager doesn’t affect the random number generator’s decisions, only the amount you win. Before you sit down at a slot machine, make sure you know the rules for payouts.

Manage your bankroll.

Your bankroll is the money you bring to the casino to gamble with. Always work out an amount you’re comfortable with losing before you hit the slot banks. That will help you avoid catastrophic losses. Slot machine wagers may be small (though on some modern machines they can be really high, too), but those small losses can add up over time.

Managing your bankroll means working out how much money you’re earning versus how much you’ve spent. There are lots of tricks to bankroll management. For example, slot machine designers usually program slots to offer features like bonus games and free spins every 125-150 spins of the reels. That’s an average across all slots. If you’re shooting for bonus games and free spins, take your total bankroll and divide it by 150. That’s the amount you should wager per spin, expecting a big jackpot or bonus opportunity at least once during that time.

When can bankroll management steer you wrong? Don’t put a lot of faith in that average listed above. It’s just that, an average. Slot machine bonuses and jackpots, on average, earn around thirty times your wager, which explains why so few slot players actually hit a huge jackpot in those 150 spins.

The reason for bankroll management is simple–no one wants to lose their house or their car because they placed one too many wagers in the casino. That goes for slot machines as well as table games.

Play a variety of machines.

The reason for playing a variety of slot machine games is to increase the entertainment value of slots. There are probably some good statistical reasons for varying your slot play, but the biggest reason for varying the slot game you play is because it’s just more fun.

Your average online slot site has dozens of slot machine games to choose from, a good sign that slot players in general enjoy playing a variety of games. Unless you’re playing slots just for jackpots, mixing up your machines gives you built-in breaks and a variety of bonus games and features to keep your mind sharp.

Don’t play when you’re angry.

Gambling can be frustrating. Slot machine play sets us up for disappointment. We may see two or three symbols of a five symbol combination and feel like we’ll never win again. We may get angry at our neighbors for being too loud, winning too much, or any number of other annoyances.

It’s important to quit playing any sort of casino game when you feel yourself get angry. When anger pops up in the casino, for any reason, it is time to take a break. Smoke a cigarette or drink a glass of wine. Stroll around the casino, throw some cash away on a table game, and don’t head back to the slot machines until you’re calm.

People love to play slot machines because they are fun. Slots are cheap entertainment, and casinos throw in all sorts of bonuses to keep slot gamblers in their seats. If you join the slot club at your favorite casino, slot play can even be rewarding. Spend enough at the slots, and there’s no doubt you’ll be offered free drinks, free food, and other goodies. Remember that slot machine gambling is supposed to be fun.

Follow the four simple tips above, and your time at the slot machines will be a lot more fun, if not a lot more profitable.