3 Tips To Help You Win at Online Roulette

Roulette – the French invented it, the Americans re-invented it and the Russians play it with a gun. It is probably one of the most popular and sought after “table game” of all time. We put “table” in inverted commas because all Roulette players know this game is officially played on the Wheel. All the luck needs to happen on that spinning Roulette wheel, whether it has one-zero or two.

How is roulette played?

The idea of this post is to give you an understanding of how to beat the game of roulette and possibly find yourself winning it big. However, before we can delve into the intricacies of how you can go about besting the game of Roulette it’s important to understand the fundamentals first. Although understanding Roulette is rather easy, there are ultimately a number of rules to remember – so let’s dive right in, the chances are you already know the basics well.

In Roulette players bet on specific bets by placing chips on the table layout on the bet, they have chosen to go with. The Roulette table shows a number of markings and areas with specific kinds of bets. The bets on the table feature numbers which corresponds with those on the wheel. You win a bet when your table bets match the outcome of the numbers on the wheel.

There are a total of 36 numbers depicted on the wheel, with numbers divided in even numbers and color coded with black and red. There is also a green zero on the wheel as well. It’s important to note that the number of zeros on the roulette wheel will vary depending on the version you are playing. There are three types of roulette games – American Roulette, French Roulette, and European Roulette. In French and European roulette there is only “one green zero” depicted on the wheel, while the American version features “two green zeros”.

You place your bets before spinning the ball in the wheel; of course this is all virtual as you are playing online roulette. The thrill of the throw and spin should still carry the same weight, considering of course that the wheel holds all your fortunes.  The various bets and their combinations won’t be detailed here as this specific post is related to helping you win the game of roulette.

Three ways you can best the roulette table & wheel

Tip 1: Placing inside and outside bets

This bet combination is rather important, and it is a good one to help with forming favorable outcomes. The first step to achieving this successfully is to practice playing at a free roulette table before placing any bets. This of course would be recommended for beginner roulette players or those with only a basic understanding of the game. Doing this will also help you fully understand and become extremely familiar with the variations of roulette bets available.

The two main category of bets that exist in Roulette are the inside and outside bet. Inside bets are the bets placed on a specific number outcome on the table, while outside bets make use of category bets such as eve/odd number outcomes, red/black outcome etc. They are lower risk bets but they can prove to be rather lucrative throughout game play. Make sure to place large bets on outside bets, even though the odds are only 2:1 there is a higher probability of actually landing the desired outcome. Another tip with these bets is to place inside bets in moderation, doing so allows you to increase your payout, they are risky, but doing so moderately while simultaneously excessively placing outside bets can be lucrative.

Tip 2: Watch the wheel, analyse past outcomes and look for trends

Remember roulette is not won on the table, its won in the wheel, thus to amplify your winning potential analysing the wheel is extremely necessary. Watch the ball as it spins, and check if there are any trends developing as the game progresses. This may seem like crazy antics, but the wheel never lies, it tells you what it’s going to do next. It’s up to you to pick up on its progression and adjust you betting strategy to fit.

Tip 3: Minimize losses

Maintain your profit goal and apply your loss limit. This is important for any gambling game, but it is especially for roulette. It easy to coax yourself into believing that the next ball spin will be the one and doing these 100 times over certainly won’t leave you in a great place financially. Rather set your profit goals and stick to them while monitoring your losses and budget. Another great way to minimize your losses is to reduce the bets over time in order to hold on to your wins. Check the house edge of the wheel you are playing, and remember because American Roulette has two zeros the edge is far higher than French or European roulette. It is advised to stick to French or European roulette as the game’s edge is lower even before separate house edge in imposed.

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