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Triple Play Draw Poker is a video poker game designed by IGT. It offers nine different video poker games in one machine.

It also has a unique way to handle coins per hand. Most video poker machines let you choose one to five coins per hand, and you have to wager five coins to unlock the top bonus amounts. When you play Triple Play Draw Poker the minimum wager is 10 coins per hand.

You also have to pay three hands at a time, so the minimum bet is 30 coins. Unlike most other video poker games, you don’t benefit from playing more than 10 coins per hand. We recommend sticking with the minimum bet of 30 coins because you don’t get any benefit from betting more and this helps your bankroll last longer.

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Playing Sequence

The playing sequence for Triple Play Draw Poker is a little different at the beginning than other video poker games.  Once you put money in the machine by either putting bills in or making a deposit online you choose which game you want to play. You can learn more about the game options and which are the best in the next section.

Now you decide how many coins to bet per hand. Remember that you play three hands at one time so your bet will be tripled. We suggest making the minimum 10 coin bet, for a total of 30 coins.

The next step is to hit the deal button. One hand is dealt on the bottom of the screen and two hands are show above it. The top two hands just show the backs of the cards.

You pick which cards to hold on the bottom hand by clicking on them or hitting the hold button under the cards. The cards you decide to hold are then turned over on the top two hands, showing three identical hands.

Now hit the deal button and the held cards stay in each of the three hands and new cards are placed in each hand for the ones you discarded.

Each of the three hands uses its own deck of cards so you usually end up with three different hands. Every hand that has a winning combination is paid based on the pay table. So if you’re playing Jacks or Better at 10 coins per hand and get a pair of queens in each hand you win 30 coins.

Once the hand is finished you can start a new hand using the same game by hitting the deal button or you can choose to play a different game or change your bet per hand amount.

Triple Play Draw Poker Game Options

You can pick from nine games on most Triple Play Draw Poker machines. Here’s a list of the common games available with a few details about each game.

Jacks or Better – Jacks or Better is the classic video poker game that most other games are based on. The best available pay table for Jacks or Better on most Triple Play Draw Poker machines is the one that pays nine for a full house and six for a flush. Remember that with the minimum wager of 10 coins the pay table shows 90 for a full house and 60 for a flush. The house edge using perfect strategy for 9 / 6 Jacks or Better is .46%.

Deuces Wild – Deuces Wild is the second most popular video poker game, trailing only Jacks or Better. It uses the same 52 card deck as JoB, but the two’s are wild. The pay table you want to look for is 250 / 150 / 110 / 40 / 40 / 30. Using a strategy chart the house edge is .04%.

Deuces Wild Bonus – Deuces Wild Bonus is simply a Deuces Wild variant that pays a bonus for certain combinations. The house edge for this variant is usually higher than Jacks or Better and regular Deuces Wild, so we don’t recommend it when you play Triple Play Draw Poker.

Joker Poker or Joker’s Wild – Joker Poker, or Jokers Wild, uses a 53-card deck of playing cards that includes one joker. The joker is a wild card. Most Joker poker pay tables have a house edge over one %, so they aren’t he best option on a Triple Play machine.

Bonus Poker – Bonus Poker pays a bonus for certain hands. The best pay table usually available is the one that pays 80 / 50 for a full house / flush. It has a house edge of .83%.

Bonus Poker Deluxe – Bonus Poker Deluxe pays an extra bonus for all four of a kind hands instead of just some of them in regular Bonus Poker. The variation that has a 90 / 60 pay table has a house edge of .36% so it’s the one to look for when you play Triple Play Draw Poker.

Double Bonus Poker – Double Bonus Poker is yet another variation of the Bonus Poker pay table. The best pay table generally available is the 90 / 70 / 50. It has a house edge of .89%.

Double Double Bonus Poker – The best Double Double Bonus Poker pay table is usually the 90 / 60 / 40 with a house edge of 1.02%. This is higher than some other games so we don’t recommend it.

Triple Double Bonus Poker – Triple Double Bonus Poker offers different bonus payouts than other bonus games. The best pay table is 90 / 70 and has a house edge of .42%.

Tripe Play Draw Poker Strategy Chart

Each available video poker variation on Triple Play Draw Poker has its own strategy chart. We include strategy charts on each individual game page on this site. Decide which game you want to play, and then go to the page on this site for the game to print or copy the strategy chart.

We recommend starting with Jacks or Better if the machine has the 9 / 6 game. It has a house edge of less than a half percent and a simple strategy chart.

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