Online Slot Tournaments

The best online slot tournaments often are invitation-only events give by Internet slots casino operators for their most loyal or highest-paying gamblers. In other cases, virtual fruit machine tourney events are welcome promotions for the newest customers. Whatever the case, slot machine competitions come in many shapes and sizes. I want to outline the basic types of slots tournaments, then provide some strategies tips and tactics when entering these events.

Types of Slot Machine & Online Slot Tournaments

Signup Freerolls – Many slots casinos welcome new players to their establishment with a welcome freeroll. These generally are held once a day, several times a week, or once a week (usually on Saturday). The signup freeroll tournament can be a part of a site’s initial deposit bonus or simply an addition to these bonuses. You won’t find much difference except in how they’re promoted by the casino. In either case, new depositers are given an entry code they can use to get free entry into these events.

Though it’s free to enter them, the winners receive real-money prizes. Sometimes, you’ll receive a small jackpot prize, such as $50 or $100 for beating all the new gamblers at the website. In other cases, when you win the event, you’ll get free admission into another tournament with even more prize money. This would make the freeroll a satellite event. In many cases, the champion wins a little bit of cash plus free admission into bigger freerolls tournaments.

VIP or Comped Tournaments – Continuing players also receive access to freebie slot tournaments. When you join most slots casinos, you have the option to join their VIP or frequent players club (or you’re signed up automatically). When you make a bet, you’re given VIP points. As you reach certain plateaus, you unlock rewards, rebates, and other perks. This is the online equivalent to the slots clubs most live casinos have. VIP rewards are the Internet counterpart to the comps system which most casino resorts offer to its frequent slots and video poker players.

When you enter the VIP or comped tournament event, this often comes as a discount to enter or the ability to enter as a freeroll. Like the signup freerolls, these events take place at regularly scheduled times during the week or month, depending on how rare your VIP plateau is and how many customers the website has at any given time.

Reloader Tournaments – “Reloader” slot tournaments are the equivalent of the re-buys you’ll find at online poker tournaments. The first I heard about the re-load events was when Microgaming first added them to their list of slot tourneys. In the typical reloader tournament, you can buy-in when you bust out, but you can’t add-on during game play. This means everyone has the same chance to move on.

Survivor Slots Tournaments – Survivor events let only one person at age stage move on to the next level of competition. It’s a single-elimination, lose-and-you’re-out event, with only one winner from each round moving on. This would be like the Home Run Competition at the Major League Baseball All-Star Game. Rebuying or adding on is not allowed.

One-Shot Tournaments – This is probably what you’re thinking about when you think sporting tournament. These are the survivor tournament on caffeine. Instead of having all-but-one eliminated each round, you get one chance to move on or you lose.  The NCAA March Madness Tournament would be considered a survivor tournament, as would the NFL Playoffs. No add-ons or rebuys are allowed.

Extender Tournaments – When you play extender tournaments, points accumulate from one round of play to the next. You don’t start over at zero with each new round. Also, the add-on and rebuy options are allowed, so every spin means the same as all other spins in the tournament, from the first time you hit the button until the final spin of the virtual reels.

Slots Tournament Strategy – Some people will tell you that no strategies exist in a slots tournament, because winning or losing on a spin uses a random number generator. Certain suggested strategies do apply, especially when you’re trying to figure out which tactics apply to rebuying and add-ons.

For instance, sometimes it’s a smart thing to rebuy, but other times, it might not make sense. When deciding what to do, you’ll need to figure out where the top scores are and whether you have a realistic chance of getting one of the top prizes. Since you have additional information when deciding on buying back in, use that information. If you were deciding whether to enter a tournament in the first place and you were told the top 3 prizes were restricted and you had no chance (or a lesser chance than most) of placing in the top three, you probably wouldn’t join in the first place. Having information on how many points have been collected so far let’s you make that decision in-game.