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Greek mythology is a favorite theme in all kinds of fiction, so it’s no surprise that the king of the gods, Zeus, features prominently in slot machines. The “Zeus III” game from Williams Interactive debuted in early 2014 and can now be found at quite a few online casinos. You can play for real money or for practice chips, and there are desktop and mobile versions of the title.

Upon opening up the game, you’ll notice immediately that there’s a rather unusual structure for the six reels present. The leftmost only has room for two symbols, but to the right, the play-field expands until the sixth reel contains space for seven different icons. This leads to a roughly triangular playing area.


Coins and Pay-Lines

There are 192 distinct lines that will award winnings if the player matches the appropriate number of consecutive symbols in Zeus 3 slot machine. As with most slot machines, these lines pay left to right. Instead of making guests fiddle around with coin sizes, number of lines played and bets per line, the game simply encompasses these options into a “Bet Multiplier,” which can be raised and lowered with a couple of arrows.

Players can click to spin every time they want to play, but there’s also an autoplay function. You can customize it to continue for a certain number of spins, for a specific length of time or until your balance changes by a stated amount.

Winning Combinations

The images that you need to line up consist of symbols for suits, like clubs and diamonds, as well as representations of ancient Greek life, like a hoplite’s helmet, an amphora and the lord of Olympus and Zeus himself. You need to align at least three symbols to score a payout, and the highest awards are for six of a kind. The biggest prize from normal game-play comes from matching six images of Zeus, which awards 10 times the bet multiple. This may seem quite low, but the way that the pay-lines are set up means that you’ll often win on dozens of lines at once, so your profits can really add up.

There’s a Parthenon wild that stands in for any other icon, except the feature symbol (see below), to complete winning lines. The Zeus symbol can also be a wild but only if it occupies every position on a given reel.

Feature and Free Spins

There’s a special feature element that looks like the hand of Zeus wielding a lightning bolt. This image can appear on reels 2 through 6, and if three of them should show up at the same time, you’ll get 10 free spins. If you’re lucky enough to receive four feature icons at once, this jumps to 25 free spins along with 10 times your total bet. In the rare instance that you collect five feature symbols simultaneously, you’ll be treated to 50 free spins and a payout of 50 times the amount you bet.

During the free spins feature, the playing field is reversed so that the reel on the left becomes spacious enough to accommodate seven icons, narrowing down to only two positions on the final reel. It’s possible to re-trigger the free spins feature after it’s already active, in which case the additional spins will simply be added to the current total remaining.

One other detail makes these free spins potentially quite valuable: The Zeus symbol, even if it shows up only once, will expand to fill its reel and turn it into a wild reel. If fortune smiles upon you, the first two reels might become entirely wild, which means every single one of the 192 pay-lines will win on that spin.

Graphics and Sound

The visuals are appropriate for the setting of the game, and each symbol is easily distinguishable from the others. The ambient background sounds are excellent, containing bird calls and the distant rumblings of thunder. Unfortunately, the same can’t be said for the sound effects. The fanfares that play when you win or when two feature symbols have appeared seem gimmicky and reminiscent of nothing so much as video games from the ’80s. This incongruity mars what would otherwise be a more immersive experience.

Final Words

“Zeus III” is a solid installment from the team at Williams Interactive, which has produced dozens of free slot games since its inception as a division of WMS Industries in 2012. Minor irritations, such as goofy sounds and a lack of bonus games, mean that this title isn’t quite top-notch, but it’s still reasonably entertaining and exciting.

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