Zeus 1000 Slots


Zeus 1000 is the latest live slot from Williams Interactive (WMS). This continues in a long line of slots featuring the Greek god of thunder. This one is immediately distinguished by the unusual setup of the reels. There are two sets of these on the screen, a standard 5 by 4 grid and a separated (though linked in the game) 5 reel, 12 row set of reels. This system is known as ‘colossus reels’ a series which includes Spartacus and Giants Gold. Wild reels switch between the regular shaped and elongated reels, and the bonus symbols count even if 2 land on one set and one on the other

There is no word other than ‘stunning’ which could adequately describe the great job WMS has done with the graphics in this game. The cloudy sky in the background for the main game is replaced by amazing lightning effects for the bonus game. The benign looking Zeus turning into a white-eyed angry version with a red stormy background.

Symbols on the reels include Zeus himself, complete with white beard, and many ancient artefacts. There is a clay pot, a chariot, winged horse (Pegasus) and more. You will find playing card symbols on the reels too. Many of the symbols come stacked (in rows of up to 12 on the reels), which adds to the overall dramatic effect.

Things stay relatively quiet while the main game is in play, with just the odd musical interlude for your wins and the standard spinning noises. When the bonus kicks in some stirring and dramatic classical music plays, along with storm sounds. This really takes the intensity of the game up a level.

Playing Zeus 1000

There are 25 lines on the regular shaped set of reels, and 75 lines on the colossus reels. You get 2 lines per coin, so spins are based on 50x your coin size. This can be from 1c and up, with WMS slots typically allowing you to spin for $400 or more at the top end. Keep this in mind if you prefer to play with real money.

The biggest pay-outs come from Zeus himself, with 1000 coins for 5 on a line. There are wilds in play, which will substitute for any of the regular symbols. Remember that with 100 different lines over 2 separate shaped reels you will often hit multiple wins at the same time in this game – in the bonus round this can be all Zeus on some occasions, resulting in the biggest pay-outs of all.

Bonus symbols (a sword with lightning) take up 2 symbols of space on the reels. If you hit 3 of these anywhere on the two sets of reels, you will trigger 10 free spins. This is the point where the game starts to get really dramatic.

Bonus Game for Zeus 1000

This bonus feature moves you from the fluffy clouds and blue sky of the main game to a stormy red sky with an extremely angry Zeus. The main difference is that if you get stacked Zeus symbols on the first reel, a furious face appears and lightning starts coming from the top of the screen. Every strike increases the prize for Zeus symbols (up to 1000). When the reels stop, both sets will be covered in a lot of the angry Zeus symbols – meaning you are in for a decent pay-out. This will happen several times during a typical free spins bonus round.

With any luck you are heading back to the more tranquil main game with a big win to be added to your total credits.

Summary for Zeus 1000

There is little doubt for me that this is a must-play live slot. The colossal reels setup makes for a refreshing change to the standard slot game-play, and the angry Zeus in the bonus round adds big win potential to the game too. Greek gods is a tried and tested niche, and it can be hard to come up with a truly unique angle on this. WMS have managed to do exactly that with Zeus 1000, check this slot out for yourself the next time you are in a live casino.

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