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The Trouble with Tribbles is one of the most famous episodes from the original Star Trek series, this coming in the middle of the second season of three. Tribbles are small, furry and round creatures, who are known for their cute-factor, although the fact that they can mate and reproduce so fast can cause trouble, as they’ll need to consume ever more food – a reason why they are classed as dangerous by the Starfleet.

This slot is the third in the Star Trek series of slots designed by WMS. To play this game you’ll need to have earned enough medals throughout your play in the first two episodes – ‘Red Alert’ and ‘Explore New Worlds’. Just like in the original two games, this slot is full of features and offers a good amount of variety throughout.

Multi-Colored Tribbles: The Winning Symbols

This Sci-Fi slot designed by WMS is played on the very popular 5×3 reel configuration and has a set number of 25 win lines (the same set up as each of the other games). On the reels, you’ll find a nice variety of symbols relating to both the overall series and the episode in question, including Captain Kirk, Mr. Spock and Uhuru. A series of tribbles in different colors and sizes also frequent the reels, the small red tribble perhaps the most innocuous looking of all. Alongside these you’ll also find the Star Trek insignia, a space station and Captain Koloth, a Klingon commander, on the reels.

Star Trek – The Trouble with Tribbles Slot Features

The biggest and best feature of the game is triggered when you hit the ‘feature’ symbol three or more times across any of the reels (land more than three and you’ll also find a nice cash boost coming your way).  You’ll now enter the ‘Tribbles Pinball Feature’. While not exactly in keeping with the mood of the Star trek series, this game is a lot of fun – as you’ll see these tribbles careering around a pinball table and eventually landing in one of six slots. As each slot is filled with more and more Tribbles, the potential win amounts grow higher and higher and you can even land additional features by filling a meter completely with the furry creatures. One such side bonus is the door feature where you’ll be presented with a screen showing 21 doors – you’ll simply pick 3 and be awarded a cash prize for each.

As well as the bonus feature you’ll also find four randomly awarded features in the base game, these repeating through the series:

Scotty’s Wild Reels – Scotty will turn between 1 and 2 reels completely wild, giving the potential for that large oversized win.

Enterprise Fly By – Having landed a win, you might be aided by the Starship Enterprise. This famed space ship will fly across the reels and change all of the winning symbols into another symbol. This gives you two wins for the price of one – nice if the symbols are changed to a higher paying one.

Rock Creature Multiplying Wild – This creature is as ‘handsome’ as he sounds and will place a wild on the reels with a multiplier of between 3x and 10x attached. This can make for a very nice win.

Spock Multiplier – After a win, Spock might come along and apply a multiplier to the win amount of between 3x and 10x. This multiplier would be perfect after one of those larger 5 in a row wins.

Star Trek – The Trouble with Tribbles: Fun Slot Design

This WMS design has remained faithful to the original Star Trek series with its visuals and sounds. All of the symbols on the reels are hand drawn which gives the game a slightly cartoon feel, while this particular game has more of a fun feel than other games in the series because of the tribbles which appear. The tribbles arcade game is a fun one, but in some ways the basic look of this game lets down the slot slightly. The accompanying soundtrack is most definitely a highpoint, as the distinctive theme tune from the TV show is played throughout, while you’ll also hear some nice snippets from the series.

Will Playing this Slot Lead to Tribbles Trouble?

Having made it through the first two ‘episodes’ you’ll be pleased to be able to play ‘The Trouble with Tribbles’. This game is more entertaining than the previous two slots. In the same way that the original TV show episode was seen by some hardcore fans as too ‘fun’, Star Trek fans playing this slot might find the Tribble pinball feature a step too far! Nevertheless, the range of features in the base game and the appealing sound and visual effects make for a very playable online slot.




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