The Jetsons Slot Machine

The Jetsons first appeared in the 1960’s on the back of the success of the Flintstones. Both were produced by Hanna Barbera, but where the Flintstones was set in prehistoric times, the opposite approach was taken with the Jetsons, this cartoon series set in the future. It may have taken almost fifty years, but the Jetsons have taken another step into the future by appearing on their own slot by WMS.

This slot is a faithful reproduction of the TV series and features many clips from the program over the years, especially during the features. The symbols in the game include all of the main characters, including George, Jane, Judy, Elroy and of course Astro the dog. There is also a TV screen symbol which is stacked, and when the spin has finished, all of the TV screens will reveal one of the characters, which could make for some big wins if the TV screens take up much of the reels.

Playing the Jetsons Slot

At first glance, the slot appears to be something of a standard 5 reel game, with 20 win lines. However, you’ll soon realize that this isn’t the case at all, as this is a slot jam packed with features. Like all slots, you’ll be paid out when landing consecutive symbols from left to right on a win line, you needing at least 3 symbols in a row to gain any win.

Rosie the robot is a big part of the TV series but plays an equally large role at this slot. Occasionally she’ll make an appearance on the 5th reel and this can lead to some very big wins. This is due to the fact that she’ll turn into wilds and then proceed to move from right to left across the slot, creating wilds as she goes. She’ll only stop when she gets to reel 2 – the symbols on reel one remaining the same. This is a nice feature, but is eclipsed by the main feature of the game which is activated by landing the wheel symbol on reels 1 and 5.

Williams Interactive Jetsons Casino Game

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  • Jetsons Slot Feature Game

    The bonus round will start with a wheel – think ‘Wheel of Fortune’.  The wheel has sixteen segments and each awards a different prize. This keeps the feature round fresh as you’ll rarely land the same prize twice in a row. The prizes on the reels are normally based upon a number of spins with an added extra. For example, you might gain five spins with an extra Rosie added to the reels, ten spins with a 2x multiplier or a single or double Wild-a-matic bonus.

    Each free spins round is actually linked to one of the characters in the game and when the TV screens appear during these spins, the character linked with the round will automatically appear on all of the screens.

    The Wild-a-matic bonus spins will give you one wild reel on each spin – the wild reel being any of the 2nd to 5th reels, where you’ll gain six spins. The double Wild-a-matic gives you two whole wild reels and eight spins.

    The final segments on the wheel are the bonus ones, where you’ll be taken to a pick em bonus features. One round will see George Jetson manoeuvre his little green space ship through the clouds, each cloud awarding a prize. Another sees George sleeping as you’ll pick a space sprocket, hoping to win a big prize.

    Jetsons Slot Conclusion

    This slot by WMS is certainly one that you’re not going to miss. The slot is colourful, has great animation and the gameplay is good too. The variety on offer via the wheel spin feature means it’s going to be very difficult for you to get bored when playing this game. This is a job well done by WMS and it ensures the Jetsons will continue to last long into the future.

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    About the Jetsons

    The Jetsons, as a family live in Orbit City in the Skypad apartments. The series revolves around the main character, George Jetson, the 40 year old husband and father. He works at Spacely’s Sprockets for an hour a day, two days a week. This might seem an easy life, but in the future, this is a normal working week according to the series makers.

    George’s wife is Jane, 33, who is the homemaker and mother of their two children. She is ably assisted in her home work by Rosie the Robot and likes to enjoy spending sprees in her favourite shop Mooning Dales.

    Judy Jetson is the teenage daughter whose interests include boys, her digital diary and of course clothes. Elroy Jetson is her much younger brother and is highly intelligent when it comes to all things space. Elroy’s best friend is the family dog Astro.

    Rosie the robot is an outdated model who does much of the housework for the Jetsons. When the program originally aired in the 1960’s, she only appeared fleetingly, but became much more of a feature when the series re-emerged in the 1980’s.

    Although fictional, a number of the futuristic events in the series have actually come to pass. These include a flat screen 3D television, a newspaper on a tablet like screen and video chat.