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Spy v Spy is a comic strip that first appeared in ‘Mad magazine’ in 1964. The comic depicts two identical spies who compete against each other, using booby traps and various other plans to inflict damage on each other. The two spies are completely identical, with long birdlike beaks and wide brimmed hats, the only difference being that one dressed completely in white, while the other is dressed completely in black. Each episode of the comic would see the winning spy alternate, and a TV series of the classic comic would see each of the spies winning exactly 51 times, with the other episode being a draw – ensuring that neither of the spies would ever have the upper hand.

As well as a TV spin off, there have been video games of the series, the pair have appeared in TV commercials, while there is even a Spy v Spy board game. The latest addition to the spin off series is this WMS designed slot. Here the two spies go head to head throughout the game, especially during the bonus feature.

3 Reels to Collect Spies – How the Spy v Spy Slot Works

In an unusual move for a slot based on a real-life theme, this game is played out on just 3 reels. Many 3 reel slots can be quite basic at times, but this is certainly not the case with this one. The three reels hold a total of 9 win lines and you’ll win when you simply land three symbols in a row on any of the win lines.

The highest paying symbol is the wild. If you manage to land three of these in a row, you’ll win 1,000 coins. However, on the middle reel of the three you’ll sometimes see a wild multiplier of 2x or 3x and landing these will see the biggest payouts rise to 2,000 or 3,000 coins respectively.

In a nice reference to traditional slot gaming, you also have a series of sevens and bar symbols on the reels. There are red, blue and white sevens and triple, double and single bars. The sevens are much higher paying (the red seven worth 300 coins, while the top bar payout is just 30 coins) and you’ll also land a smaller win if you hit a combination of either of these symbols.

On the third reel, you might find one of the spies attached to a symbol and these will increment a series of bonus meters above the reels. If you then land a win including one of these symbols, you’ll win the amount in the bonus meters. These meters reset when one of the symbols containing the other spy symbols appears on reel 3.

Choose Your Spy – The Spy v Spy Slot Bonus Feature

The final symbol in the game is the bonus one and you’ll enter the feature when you land this symbol on each of the three reels. This bonus round starts by asking you to choose one of the two spies. During the free spins every time you land one of the two spies on reel 3, you’ll head to another set of meters above the reels and see a credit prize awarded, while the potential awards increase each time.

You’ll have 10 free spins in total and you’ll be hoping that your chosen spy racks up more credits than his rival. At the end of the feature, you’ll be awarded the total amount of credits earned by each of the two spies, but as an added bonus, if your chosen spy wins more credits, this credit amount will be doubled, giving the pay out a huge boost.

Spy v Spy Design

While this might not be the most modern looking slot on the casino floor, especially in comparison to other themed games, the game is a pleasing one. The game screen itself is the most basic, but when you look up to the screen above, the game really comes alive. Here you’ll find the colorful meters and the two spies all set to face off against each other. The game has a high-energy soundtrack too, that will get you involved from the start.

Basic and Enjoyable – Spy v Spy Slot Overview

Whenever you play a 3-reel slot you have an expectation that the game will be a basic one, but this is not the case at all when playing Spy v Spy. Yes, you have the basic base game, but this is added to by the oversized wins that can come your way by landing a spy on reel 3, while the wild multipliers are always a nice boost to any game. The highpoint of the game is the feature however, where you’ll be willing your chosen spy to gain as many credits as possible.


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