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If you start a conversation about early classic video games, Space invaders will always be one of the first names to crop up. The game was originally developed in Japan in 1978 by Taito, but soon hit the US when Bally acquired the license. The aim of the game is to stop a wave of aliens threatening the earth by using a laser cannon. The more aliens you destroy, the more points you’ll gain. Space Invaders became an instant classic and is said to be one of the main reasons that video gaming moved from being a novelty pursuit into a global interest. This WMS designed slot sticks to the original format, as you can choose to play the original game during the bonus round, where you’ll win credits instead of points. You will also find some of the classic Space Invaders imagery on the reels.

Insert Coin: How the WMS Space Invaders Evolution Slot Works

The first thing you’ll notice when you play Space Invaders Evolution is the fact that the reels are much larger than those of most slots online. Here you’ll find six reels and each of those reels is four symbols high – a big step up from the almost standard 5×3 reel set up.

On the reels, you’ll find a series of images related to the original Space Invaders game. First, you have the three standard aliens, which have today become a part of the pop culture. These yellow, green and blue pixelated aliens don’t look particularly dangerous, but when the last alien is zooming across the screen and you’re desperate to finish off the round, these little aliens will get the pulses racing.

On the side of the original Star Wars cabinets you’d find an image of the aliens, these hairy looking space monsters not looking like the pixelated aliens at all, but these guys have also made it onto the reels. Joining these symbols is the ‘mystery ship’ which flies across the top of the aliens in the game, awarding a mystery prize while you’ll also find an image of a battle in space. The standard symbols are completed by the playing cards J, Q, K and A, these being pixelated of course.

The Space Invaders logo acts as the wild symbol and this is stacked throughout the game. Stacked wilds are always very useful, as they can really give a boost to the bankroll. These stacked wilds can become amazing when they line up on consecutive reels, ensuring that many of the games win lines all pay out at once.

Play Space Invaders for Real – The Slot Bonus Features

The bonus feature is activated by landing three or more of the bonus symbols across any of the reels, this symbol represented by an image of the original Space Invaders console. It’s at this point that the game become really interesting as you’ll have a choice to make. First, you can take 10 free spins. This is always a good option and will appeal to many, but if you want to enjoy the true Space Invaders experience, you should take option two.

This option sees you taken to the screen above and you’ll play the actual game. This version is completely faithful to the original game, with the only difference being the fact that you’ll only have a limited number of shots available. For each green alien you hit, you’ll be awarded at least 5 credits, yellow aliens pay at least 10 credits while the purple aliens are worth at least 15 credits. If you manage to hit the mystery ship, you’ll advance to the next level. As an added bonus, if you do hit the mystery ship, you could also be awarded the progressive jackpot – so save those shots and get your finger ready to blast the mystery ship out of space. The progressive jackpot is only available in the skill-based game, which is a further reason to play this bonus feature.

Faithfull Space Invaders Design

If you knew nothing about the original game, you might think the design of this WMS slot is a little basic, but it’s nothing of the sort as the design simply reflects the original game. The background to the reels is the same black as the game, while the symbols do add some nice color. When you enter the bonus feature you’ll look up to the screen above and play the classic game, with the basic but very pleasing laser sound effects.

Time to Defend the Earth? WMS Space Invaders Evolution Slot Overview

If you liked the original arcade game you’ll be an instant fan of this WMS live casino slot. The base game is an enjoyable – with those stacked wilds and oversized reels giving the game some originality. It is the skill based bonus feature really sets it apart. If you feel your skills aren’t up to it, simply take the free spins and enjoy the free cash that comes along with it.

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