Sea of Tranquility Slots Machine
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Sea of Tranquility is a 5-reel, 30 payline video slot by Williams Interactive (WMS), featuring a fantasy world theme of an ocean on the Earth’s moon. What would it be like there in an ocean that can barely be contained by gravity? Sound can’t exist and all you can do is float in total serenity. This is an iOS-friendly slot machine that imagines a lunar world in even more vivid detail that you expect. Play this game on your iPhone or iPad, and enjoy the many features, points of excitement, and probably the most unique theme we’ve ever seen. The bonus round is easy to access and the nudging wild symbols is a great little feature.

Find Your Online Slot Zen

The Sea of Tranquility is a lunar sea basin feature right on the surface of our moon. It’s surrounded by lofty peaks and not very much atmosphere. But you don’t feel abandoned here; you feel safe and calm in this quiet little fold of the universe. The game’s simple design plays well with the relaxing atmosphere and creates an environment that truly stands apart in comparison to other high-volatility, hyper-animated games.

Look out for these

The reel symbols are all moon and sleep-related, the nightcap, fireflies in a jar, owls, time dial, woman, space ship to the moon, and card value symbols that have a tarot styling to them. The game only pays when 2, 3 or more symbols appear next to each other. Green shooting stars are wild and “old tyme” moons are your scatter.

Turning dreams into reality

Sea of Tranquility proves to be a fairly generous slot and not just for its paytable. The “close enough” area of the slot is there to help you expand wilds to stretch across the board. The game has 5 x 3 reels but WMS has uncovered parts of the tops and bottom of the reels so that you get to play the wild or scatters symbols that appear there. It’s like you get to play the symbols that almost landed in your gameplay area because, well…close enough! It’s a unique slot feature that changes almost into reality and it performs the same magic when scatters are “close enough” to trigger a round of free spins. In the case of wilds, it’s possible to get a whole screen of them with a bit of luck. No other symbols are affected by this feature.

Free spins mean bigger wins

Free spins offer even better chances to form winning combinations with the three main symbols of the game. The payouts are not huge but that’s because they are easier to come by in the Sea of Tranquility. You need 2, 3, 4 or 5 bonus symbols appearing on adjacent reels from left to right to trigger the feature which awards 7, 10, 20 and 50 free spins respectively. Scatters have to appear on adjacent reels to trigger free spins.

  • Two scatters = 7 free spins + a 2x multiplier
  • Three scatters = 10 free spins + a 5x multiplier
  • Four scatters = 20 free spins + a 10x multiplier
  • Five scatters = 50 free spins + a 25x multiplier

The girl, ship, and owl will all substitute for each other during free spins which mean lots of extra chances for coins, spins and scatters. Once in your free spin time, the mixed wild symbols get fewer and further in between but it is possible (and pretty easy) to trigger more free spins while using a free spin.

The bottom line

Spatial distance and a sleepy, dreamy state create the ambiance for the Sea of Tranquility experience. We could definitely see passing some time on an airplane, in an airport lounge or on a long car or train trip with this game. It’s compact, quiet and won’t prompt you, like more boisterous games might, to celebrate your wins over the quiet din around you. If you’re looking for slower action with more instances to win, slip yourself into the healing waters of the Sea of Tranquility.

It’s easy to double your bankroll right away with all of the winning opportunities but don’t expect to come away a millionaire. Sometimes your wins won’t be bigger than the amount bet. But it’s not always in the mood to pa out. When it is, it’s an overall excellent game and the “close enough” area of play is a brilliant idea that kept us wanting more. Play it online for yourself, for free or for money (if available to you).

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