Red Flag Fleet Slots

If you enjoy the slots we have on our site, you will have noticed that there are a huge number of both Asian themed games and ones based on Pirates. Williams Interactive has gone one better with Red Flag Fleet. This is the first game I have played which combines the two ideas. This is focused on ancient Chinese pirates. The unusual theme is not the main difference between this slot and regular ones. Red Flag Fleet has a unique configuration for the reels. There are 6 reels in total, with 2 symbols on reel 1, 3 on reel 2, 4 on reel 3 – then 5, 6 and 7. This creates a sideways triangle shape which includes 192 possible win lines. Add in stacked symbols to the mix and you will find a game with a ton of winning potential.

The background of the unusual reel format is a calm sea with an old Chinese ‘junk’ on it. The tranquil blue turns to a vivid orange (sunset) when you hit a big win. Symbols are a mix of Chinese pirate characters, playing card symbols and logos. Stacked symbols give this slot a strange look at times; you’ll get 2 reels of Aces, followed by half a reel of the green pirate – and so on. When the wins count up, the lines (which look like ropes) change colour with a meter based on the sail of the junk filling up through green, amber and red. As long as there are 3+ consecutive symbols starting from the left, then you have a winning combination. Things get visually interesting during the bonus round – when the triangle not only changes colour, but flips direction too


Playing Red Flag Fleet

With 192 ways to win fixed for every spin, you will only need to configure how much to spin for. You do this using a ‘bet multiplier’ button. A multiplier of 1 is 40c per spin (this is clearly displayed) and each step up to 200 adds a further 40c to your bet. You will max out at a multiplier of 200, which is $80 per spin. Auto-spin is available for up to 200 spins each time.

There are so many winning combinations possible, that the individual wins are smaller than in many slots to balance for this. The top prize comes with the ‘red Flag Fleet’ logo. This gets you 12.5x your total spin amount for 6 in a row. Next come the 5 different pirate figures, with the playing card symbols relegated to their supporting role.

You can win 50x your total bet with the scatter symbols, which are the detailed picture of a junk in full sail. The number of bets won and free spins awarded is 50x +40 spins for 5, 10x +12 spins for 4 and 5 spins only for 3.

The logo is the wild symbol, substituting for all the regular symbols – though not the scatter / bonus symbol.

Bonus Game on Red Flag Fleet

The transition between the regular reels and the bonus game for your free spins is dramatic. You will see amazing graphics of a port at night in the background. It can be easy to lose the significance of the reels flipping around, which has a bigger effect on your wins than you first expect. Since reel 1 now has 7 symbols and reel 2 has 6 (and so on) there are more ways to make those smaller wins (3 or 4 of a kind) than before with symbols on consecutive reels. Add in one or two (especially stacked) wild symbols, and suddenly you have the opportunity to make a lot of wins for each spin. If you were lucky enough to hit the top amount of spins, then this bonus can be very profitable.

Summary of Red Flag Fleet

This slot has the 3 elements which make slots worth playing. The graphics are excellent; especially the big win and transition to the bonus game. Second, there is unusual game play to differentiate the game in a crowded market. Third, there is the potential for big money – again this is via the bonus round. I enjoyed this game, and recommend you check it out for yourself soon.

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