OMG! Kittens Slots

Now, I’ll have to start by saying that this particular WMS slot will not be to everyone’s tastes. You’ll need to be a big fan of kittens, enjoy slot gaming and find a game which is just that little bit over the top attractive too. If you fit those criteria, than OMG Kittens might just be the perfect slot for you.

This slot is bright and entertaining, with big pictures of kittens on the reels and a chirpy piano-led track playing in the background. There is a novel free spins game, where the particular kittens you hit on the triggering spin change how the bonus works. If you needed just one more incentive to play, then how about the big super-cute kitten pictures when you hit 5 of a kind!

Playing OMG Kittens

This slot has 40 win lines, which are not changeable. You change your real money slot bet amount by adjusting the bet per line, which can be as little as 1c or as much as $2.50c, giving you a 40c to $100 total spin range. You can set the game up to play up to 200 spins without intervention using the auto-spin; this will stop after a bonus game.

Tiger, Bubbles and Mr. Whiskers give you the biggest prizes – each at 25x your bet amount for 5 on a reel. Keep in mind that these are 4 symbols tall, which means you’ll often get several wins at the same time. There is also a prize for mixed kittens. The non-cat symbols have smaller wins, though the fishing cat is also worth 25x.

On the last reel there is a stacked multi-coloured ‘OMG! Free Spins’ symbol. When this lands with 4 of the stacked cat symbols on the other reels, you will trigger the bonus game

OMG Kittens Bonus Game

The base for this game is 5 free games. It does have an entertaining twist before the spins start. This involves the different configuration of cats which were in place when the bonus was triggered. These add multipliers, additional spins and bonus pays.

If you get 4 tiger symbols plus the bonus symbol, you will get a 10x multiplier on all of your wins. There is a 5x multiplier for 3, a 3x multiplier for 2 and a 2x multiplier for just one tiger reel. Bubbles will win you extra free spins for each one on the reels. With 4 of this cat you will get 45 extra spins, 20 for 3, 10 for 2 and 5 more for just one. Mr. Whiskers wins you bonus pays of up to 20x your stake – again descending with fewer on the reels.

The bonus game proper includes an even more lively and cheerful piano type tune, and with whatever combination of multipliers and extra spins you got, this could result in some nice wins too.

Summary for OMG Kittens

If you love kittens, and have the sense of humour to cope with an over the top slot (to the point of being a little but Kitsch) then this is as crazy as it gets for Kitten based games. This slot is brash, bold and deliberately cute – though there is a little more to it than just cats. The unique system of multipliers makes a big difference to your bonus round – with up to 45 spins or a 10x multiplier possible.

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