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In Roman religion, Neptune is the god of the seas and this WMS slot machine game shows the fearsome god overseeing a dazzling undersea world. To the left of the reels you’ll find an almost space age aquatic temple, while the reels themselves show a variety of sea creatures, alongside Neptune and his goddess wife Salacia. The game has a very unusual reel set up, making the gaming experience a unique one, while the free games feature can offer some huge payouts – this feature can be activated in a number of ways.

Neptune’s Quest Slot Double Money Burst Setup

Neptune’s Quest is no normal slot. To the left-hand side of the reels you’ll find two square boxes, each containing four symbols. Each of these symbols appears on their own individual reel, meaning that all four of the symbols within a box can be the same. To the right of these boxes you have three more reels, each of these six high and these reels act in the usual way.

This set up is called the ‘Double Money Burst’ system where 50 win lines go through the upper 2×2 box and another fifty lines go through the lower 2×2 box. This makes for high variance gaming, as landing matching symbols in the first two columns is less likely than usual, but when you do, you’ll have many more win lines in play. If all four symbols in one of the 2×2 boxes match, then you have 50 win lines still alive, which is much more than you’ll have at a more standard slot – hence the ‘money burst’ title.

Alongside Neptune and Salacia, you’ll find Neptune’s Scepter, a fish, a starfish and a green horse moving through the waves.

Stacked and Oversized Wild Symbols

The wild symbol in Neptune’s slot macine is represented by an octopus, but this is no normal octopus or wild. Most of the time it appears as a single symbol and will simply substitute for any other symbol in the normal way, leading to additional wins. These single wilds can be stacked on occasions, which is always a nice boost for a wild, but there is a much bigger boost to come.

Occasionally you’ll see a huge image of an octopus moving through the three rightmost reels of the slot. This can take up a large portion of these reels, encompassing a total of 12 symbols across all three reels. If you can match this huge wild with matching symbols to the left of the slot, you’ll almost be guaranteed a mega win, as many of the 100 win lines will all pay out.

Two Ways to Trigger the Neptune’s Quest Slot Feature Round

The free spins bonus feature is certainly the highlight of the Neptune’s Quest slot machines, as the wins can be huge. You’ll enter the feature in a couple of ways. First, if you manage to land the same symbol across either of the 2×2 boxes you’ll win an immediate 5 free spins, with the matching symbols in the 2×2 box held in place. The wild symbol will substitute as a matching symbol, which is a nice bonus. You can also gain 5 free spins if you land the bonus symbol on the three rightmost reels of the game, this bonus symbol showing a wider view of the underwater temple.

The best-case scenario sees you land matching symbols in either (or both) of the 2×2 boxes, while also landing the three bonus symbols as well. You’ll now have 20 free spins to play with and once again, the matching symbols in the 2×2 box will be held in place. Landing this best-case scenario almost guarantees you a series of big wins, especially when the oversized octopus makes an appearance.

Underwater and 1950’s Slot Design

This WMS designed slot is a little unusual in comparison to many other ‘god’ themed slots. Whereas other games have a historical feel, the modern underwater world is in stark contrast, although the ‘modern’ here is that 1950’s view of modern. The scene changes when you enter the feature round and now a huge image of Neptune appears to the left of the reels, with gold coins teeming out of his hands. The one slight disappointment of the game is the ineffective, generic soundtrack. When you land a big win, you’re met by a gentle, tinkling sound, which just doesn’t fit with the role of Neptune as a mighty sea god.

Neptune’s Quest Slot Overview

Neptune’s Quest slot machine games will appeal to those players who enjoy high variance games. The ‘double money burst’ system will mean that you might have to wait longer for a win, but when they come, they can be large. The free spins feature is a good one too, with a variety of ways of activating it, and the promise of some even bigger wins. For a fun and unique game, Neptune’s Quest fits the bill perfectly.

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