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Captain Nemo is a fictional character created by the French author Jules Verne. Also known as Prince Dakkar, Nemo is a scientific genius who roams the bottom of the seas in his submarine, The Nautilus. The character most famously appeared in the 1870 novel ’20,000 Leagues Under the Sea’ and the book has spawned many film and TV versions, while also being the inspiration behind the name of the ‘Finding Nemo’ movie. Now the character has appeared in an online slot, this unique and engaging game offers an adventure like no other slot, as you aim to descend to the bottom of the ocean and stay there as long as you possibly can.

nemos voyage

Descending with Wild Symbols – Nemo’s Voyage Unique Game Play

Nemo’s Voyage is a five-reel slot that pays from left to right, where each of the reels is four symbols high. On the reels, you have a variety of nautical based symbols including Captain Nemo in military uniform and in diving gear, a piranha, a hammer head shark, a spear and a compass. Nemo in his diving outfit is a stacked symbol and is joined by one other stacked symbol – a fearsome Octopus which may well be the legendary Kraken. The octopus is the highest paying symbol in the game, worth 300 coins for the maximum five in a row, while the two Nemo symbols are worth 200 and 150 coins respectively (the stacked Nemo being the higher paying of the two).

This game is certainly an original one, because the way the wilds work change as you progress through the game. To the right of the reels you’ll see a meter showing exactly where the Nautilus is in relation to the bottom of the ocean. When you start the game, the submarine will be at the surface but each subsequent spin will see it descend a little. At first, you’ll have a standard wild symbol, but as you descend you’ll move through the following different ‘wild’ modes.

Multiplier Wilds – Each wild symbol will now either show a 2x or 3x multiplier symbol.

Pressurized Wilds – Every time a wild symbol appears, any symbols below will now automatically turn wild as well (only if by doing this it will land a win).

Clumped Wilds – The wilds will now be stacked four high and can fill an entire reel at times.

Wild Reels – You’ll now be guaranteed that at least one reel will be completely wild at every spin, but you could enjoy more than one reel.

Above the meter, you’ll see a pressure gauge and as you descend the meter on the gauge will show that the pressure is increasing. The pressure will increase naturally, but occasionally you’ll see an ‘increase pressure’ symbol appearing on reel 5, which will increase the pressure quicker. When the pressure gauge reaches the maximum, it will be time for Nemo to start the ascent, and you’ll move back up through the different wild modes. When the pressure reaches the minimum again, Nemo will then start to descend again.

Octopus Sticky Wilds in the Nemo’s Voyage Bonus Feature

A bonus symbol appears on reels 1, 3 and 5 and if you land the symbol on all three of these reels you’ll enter the free spins feature. You’ll find yourself with 8 free spins, but these are no normal spins. Before the majority of the spins, the octopus will appear and spread a tentacle across the reels turning at least one symbol wild. These wilds are persisting, meaning they will stay in place throughout the feature. By the end of the free spins round you’ll find a number of wilds filling the reels and you’ll almost certainly have some of your biggest wins in the game during the feature.

Striking Submarine Design

Nemo’s Voyage slots game is one of the most striking slots you’ll find at an online casino. The layout of the game shows the view from inside the Nautilus, with the window showing the reels – these being the blue of the sea, with fish swimming by and bubbles rising from the bottom of the sea. Around the reels you have the brown metal of the submarine and the industrial-era style controls. The two stacked symbols are the most striking, where I’d guess captain Nemo would want to avoid being too close to the oversized octopus. Throughout the game, you’re joined by an atmospheric soundtrack which adds a nice level of tension to the overall experience.

Should You Descend to the Depths with the Nemo’s Voyage Slot?

Nemo’s Voyage slot machine is one of the most engaging games you’ll play online. The slow descent adds a nice storyline to the slot, as the ‘wild’ rewards become bigger and better, where the hope is that you’ll stay at the bottom for as long as possible. The free spins feature round only adds to the variety in the game, while the sound and graphics add a further sheen to the game. This aquatic themed slot is a must play.



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