Mouse Trap Slots

Mouse Trap has been a classic board game for many years, where the focal point of the game was the contraption in the middle of the board that enabled you to trap your opponent’s mice. This contraption would see (are you ready for this??) a metal ball career side to side down a slope, before dislodging another ball and sending it into a bath, before this ball falls down onto a seesaw catapulting the man standing on the other side into a round bowl, thereby dislodging the trap to capture the mouse – simple!

This slot by WMS endeavours to give a similar experience to playing the board game at a slot. The slot has just three reels and the majority of the symbols are very traditional ones, featuring the sevens and the single, double and treble BAR’s. You’ll also find a wild here and a scatter symbol which activates the free spins feature, which is the clear highpoint of the slot. During this round there are four different jackpots to be won – these being the minor, major, grand the Cheddar progressive which is the largest of them all.

WMS Mouse Trap Slot Machine Features

This three reel slot has nine lines and you’ll play all nine every time, with wins awarded for landing any of the three symbols in a row. Games can be played for as low as one cent all the way up to over a dollar per credit – the jackpot amounts scaling based upon the stake for the spin. The wild in the game is a cheeky looking mouse who can take up an entire reel, making for added wins.

However the symbol you’ll want to see above all others is the ‘Mouse Trap’ scatter symbol. Should you land this on each of the three reels you’ll activate the free spins feature. However, to call it a free spins feature really doesn’t do it justice, as it is much more than this.

Having activated the feature you’ll move to the other screen which shows you a board game. In the centre of the board are the four jackpot amounts and around the outside is the board itself – each space on the board represented by a lump of cheese. At this stage you’ll now find cheese appears on some of the symbols on the reels and the number of these you see will be the number of spaces you’ll move around the board. You’ll start at the bottom right of the board and travel around in a clockwise direction. On some of the cheese spaces you’ll find symbols giving you additional spins and these will be added to the number of free spins you’ve already been awarded.

In each of the four corners of the board are larger spaces with a question mark and the words ’Land here for award’. This starts the animation sequence reflecting the contraption in the board game itself. The further you continue into the sequence the larger of the four jackpots you’ll win. For example, if the metal ball doesn’t even get as far as careering down the slope you’ll just win the minor progressive, but should the feature go all the way and eventually end up trapping the mice, you’ll win the Cheddar progressive. Of course, you’ll also have your free spins at the end of the round.

Mouse Trap Slot Conclusion

Many board games have been turned into slots over the years, but the Mouse Trap game is one that might have appeared to be one of the more difficult to translate – this due to the centrepiece of the game being the contraption. However, WMS have come up with a fine way of including slot elements, features and the contraption into this game and for that they have to be applauded. The basic reel element to the game isn’t going to grab you for long, but let’s face it, this slot is all about the feature and they don’t come much better than this one.

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