Monopoly Once Around Deluxe Slots Machine

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London is the backdrop of this particular game, so a few small things have changed from the original to accommodate the twist. If you’ve played a game of Monopoly at all (unless it’s one of the specialize versions), you’ll recognize the beloved car, dog and boot, along with a few London landmarks, the usual stations, free parking card, the Electric Company and the Water Works (called the “Water Board” in this game).

Monopoly Once Around Deluxe slot game is a compact slot at 5 reels and 15 paylines but it’s a mini that had us spinning for hours, and returning later for more. Bets range from one cent up to two dollars. Play the full payline and your bets will be between 15 cents and $30 per spin. Like the real Monopoly, players should be ready for a long game of ebbs, flows, wins, and losses before they expect to win for good. Unlike the real deal, the wins will be with real-money (unless you opt to play online for free at first).

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Spin your way toward a monopoly

Spin to win by creating winning combinations on a line. Use the card value symbols and those familiar other characters that we mentioned above. The Mr. Monopoly wilds are there to help you, so cross your fingers for as many as you can get. 5-symbol line combination wins. Better yet, hold out for five wilds on a line for the biggest jackpot of all.

  • Electric Company = up to 200 coins
  • Water Board = up to 300 coins
  • Boot = up to 1,000 coins
  • Dog = up to 1,200 coins
  • Car = up to 1,400 coins
  • Mr Monopoly = 40,000 coins

Mr. Monopoly can substitute for all symbols except the community chest and chance scatters. They will allow you to win up to 6,000 coins on the reels on which they appear.

Once Around Deluxe Bonus

Get three or more bonus symbols to unlock the Once Around deluxe bonus whereby you will roll a set of dice to move your chosen character around the board, just like a game of real Monopoly. Land on a property and you will win that prize until you pass Go and receive the Go Award. Land right on Go and the Twice Around bonus will kick in. Another turn around the board means lots more prizes and, let us tell you, we got this amazing bonus more than once so you can guarantee that if you play a few rounds of Monopoly Once Around Deluxe slots you will surely have a few opportunities yourself.

Monopoly multiplier

Land on Community Chest or Chance during your Once Around deluxe bonus and you will gain 15x-100x your line-bet. You will also get the choice to advance to a high-street property or go back to Old Kent Road; both options have their appeal but we went for the high-street property so that we could get back to the base game.

Place side-bets by investing in properties around the board to earn between 3x and 180x your total bet. When the features are coming few and far between—hey, it happens sometimes—this is a fun little way to crank the stakes up a little higher.

The bottom line

It’s tiny but had a big impact on us. Try the slots machine game out in the free version but if you like it we definitely recommend the full version because there are all kinds of little options, like the side bets, that are available only in the real money version and they really make the game worthwhile. Plus, isn’t it time Mr. Monopoly paid us adults in real money?

Win up to 200 coins for lining-up the Electric Company or Water Board, up to 300 coins for free parking or stations, up to 1,000 coins for the boot, 1,200 coins for the dog, and 1,400 coins for the car. However, if you line-up 5 Mr Monopoly Symbols on a line you can win 40,000 coins.

Mr Monopoly is also the game’s Wild Symbol and he can substitute for all symbols except Community Chest, Chance and the Bonus to help create more winning combinations. Community Chest and Chance are the game’s Scatter Symbols, and these can win you up to 6,000 coins when they appear anywhere on the reels.

When 3 or more Bonus Symbols appear on the reels they will trigger the amazing Once Around Deluxe Bonus in which you will get to move your chosen character around the board by rolling the dice. You’ll win a prize every time you land on a property, and will continue to do so until you pass Go, which awards the Go Reward. However, should you land exactly on Go, you will trigger the Twice Around Feature which allows you to go around the board once more picking-up prizes.

Should you land on Community Chest or Chance, you could also win between 15x-100x your line-bet, and either be advanced to a high-profile property or taken back to Old Kent Road. There is also the option to place side-bets by investing in buying houses and hotels on many properties, and this could win you between 3x and 180x your total-bet.

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