Mad Men Slot Machine

Mad Men first premiered in 2007 and quickly caught the attention of the viewing public. So much so that the series would go on to win many awards, including Emmys and Golden Globes. The series is set in the 1960’s and based around the world of advertising and set in New York City at the fictional advertising agency of Sterling Cooper. The series ended in 2015, but the story continues with this slot by WMS, which takes many popular aspects of Mad Men to the casino.

The Mad Men series was known for its style and this is replicated at the reels. The backdrop to the slot features a marbled hallway, with the background to the reels themselves being a sumptuous dark crimson colour. The symbols are a combination of characters from the series, items related to the series, the logo and the playing card characters from Jack to Ace, these added to by a small cocktail glass. The three main protagonists at the slot are Don Draper, the central character of the series, alongside Roger Sterling and Joan Holloway, all three of which have their own feature rounds. The slot is complemented by the atmospheric soundtrack to Mad Men playing throughout.

WMS Mad Men Casino Game

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  • Mad Men Slot Machine Features by WMS

    This five reel slot has 80 win lines, but somewhat unusually you’ll actually pay a coin value for every two win lines. Wins are paid when landing at least three consecutive symbols from left to right on any of these win lines.

    The bonus feature of the game can be accessed in two ways. Firstly you’ll activate it by landing the scatter symbol three or more times – much like you would at any other online slot. However, here you’ll also enter the round when gaining a win of 5x your total stake or more.

    The bonus round takes you to a spinning wheel where there a variety of prizes to be won. Some of these prizes are awarded instantly – for example you might gain a win of 5x your total stake, or a set win of 400 coins. However it’s when you land on one of the characters in the series that the slot really comes to life.

    The Don Draper bonus feature sees you pick one of five advertising cards where you’ll win a multiplier up to 50x your total stake. This is one of those rounds where you’ll actually see the results of the other cards too, so you’ll either be delighted having made the right choice, or completely disappointed at missing out on that big win – these rounds certainly get you involved emotionally!

    The Roger Sterling bonus round sees you pick one of four spirit glasses, to reveal a spin with a number of added wilds – with the potential of spinning again and again. Some of these numbers are large, so you could see a spin where the majority of the reels are actually wild with the opportunity of grabbing both large and multiple wins.

    The Joan Holloway free spins round gives you seven spins with an oversized Joan Holloway symbol (which is never a bad thing) acting as a huge wild when she appears. This symbol can actually take up an entire three reels, making for the opportunity again for large and multiple wins.

    You’ll also find a falling reels bonus where you’ll find four reels in play at once, as well as a falling wilds bonus where you can gain up to 216 wilds on the reels.

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    Mad Men Slot Conclusion

    Slots that have a film or a TV tie in can sometimes be a little disappointing, with more effort going into making the game look like the series than has gone into making a playable slot. However, this slot by WMS has bucked the trend. The bonus features are wide and varied, meaning that you’ll strive to land them again and again. Of course, the slot looks good too, although you’d expect nothing less.

    Mad Men: The Series

    The Mad Men series is based around the exploits of focal point character Don Draper, who starts the series as the creative director at Sterling Cooper, but will eventually become a founding partner at Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce. The series begins in 1960 and progresses all the way though to 1970 and has received much critical acclaim for its authenticity when it comes to the costumes and historical accuracy.

    Donald Draper, played by Jon Hamm, is a hard drinking, chain smoking womanizer. His identity is actually not his own, as he was born as Richard Whitman, but swapped dog tags with the real Don Draper after Draper was killed in front of him during the Korean War. Other key characters in the series include:

    Roger Sterling, one of the two senior partners in Sterling Cooper.

    Joan Holloway, the office manager and head secretary at Sterling Cooper.

    Betty Francis, the wife of Don Draper at the start of the show and mother of his three children.

    Peggy Olsen, initially Draper’s secretary but rises to become a copywriter in her own right.

    Pete Campbell, an incredibly ambitious account executive, who will do anything to make his way to the top.

    Mad Men, created my AMC – the same group responsible for ‘The Walking Dead’ began on July 19th 2007 with a series of 13 episodes. Another five series were made between 2008 and 2013, each with a further 13 episodes. The final series of Mad Men had 14 episodes and was aired in two 7 show segments, the final ever episode aired on May 17, 2015.