Kronos Slot Machine

This slot is all about Kronos (or Cronus), the leader of the first generation of Titans in Greek Mythology. Kronos overthrew his own father Uranus to become the leader, but was said to be destined to be overthrown by one of his children.

Kronos had five children, but living in fear he devoured each of them soon after birth. His wife Rhea (who also happened to be his sister) fell pregnant again and fled to the mountains and gave birth to Zeus, who would eventually make the prophecy come true.

Knowing the story behind Kronos, you’ll now know why he appears so be looking so mean when he appears on the reels of this slot by WMS.


Kronos Slot Machine Symbols & Features

Alongside Kronos, you’ll also find many other symbols related to the Titans. These include a golden temple, Pegasus, a throne and a golden bangle and you’ll also find the four playing card suits. The game is set against the backdrop of a bright blue sky, the reels themselves a darker blue colour. Graphically the game is a good one, although has a lightly outdated feel due to the lack of animation when forming part of a win line. The accompanying sound to the slot is a little gentle when you actually consider the subject matter, but this improves greatly during the free spins feature round.

The slot has five reels with 20 win lines, with the option of playing any number between 1 and 20 lines. You’ll have two options when choosing the bet amount. Firstly there is the classic panel where you’ll choose the coin amount and the number of lines. The quick bet option offers you a number of boxes on a scrollable line, each box showing your total stake for a spin.

The best paying symbol in the game is Kronos himself. Should he appear five times in a row you’ll win 750 coins. Should he appear four times in a row you’ll win 200 coins and three times wins you 40 coins – both of these wins paying from both left to right and right to left, the only symbol in the game which pays both these ways. Kronos is also a stacked symbol, so could potentially pay out a large number of big wins at once if appearing multiple times on each reel. The temple and Pegasus pay out 600 coins for 5 in a row, while the other symbols pay between 400 and 100 coins for five.

The wild symbol in the game is a golden lion, much resembling a door knocker – this will substitute for any other symbol apart from the feature symbol.

The feature symbol of the slot is an oversized golden shield with a large K in the middle, surrounded by three wings. If this symbol appears three or more times across any of the reels, the free spins round is activated.

The number of spins you receive is based upon the number of feature symbols landed to activate the feature. Three scatters five you 10 free spins, four will give you 25 and the maximum five gives you a huge 100 free spins. During the round you’ll be able to re-activate the free spins by landing the scatter symbols again, and the free spins will be added to the amount you already have, all making for a potentially very profitable game

Kronos Slot Conclusion

The Kronos slot is a good one, although it does suffer a little from a lack of originality. With a straightforward free spins round as the only feature in the game, there isn’t too much to set it apart from many other games. However the game will have a number of fans due to the fact that the Kronos symbol is the highest paying and stacked – meaning you might have to wait longer for the big wins, but when they come, they could be very big.

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