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Reels: 5
Paylines: 100
Developer: WMS

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One of the trends that modern-day slots game manufacturers are following is to come up with slots themed on any and every popular trend, celebrity, and event. It was only a matter of time before someone came up with a slots game themed on the rock band KISS. This is probably one of the best slot games from manufacturer WMS.

With a host of electrifying features and background scores picked from some of the chartbusters of the band KISS, this slots game will definitely appeal to all punters, especially so if you are a music lover or a fan of the band KISS.

KISS, Shout It Out Loud!

This slot certainly stands out the moment you first catch sight of it. On the left hand side of the screen you’ll find a somewhat standard looking 5 reel slot, however the right hand side of the screen shows a huge 5 reel slot, showing a dozen symbols on each reel.  These reels feature a mixture of band related symbols including the members of Kiss, guitars and picks. The majority of symbols are standard sized, but a number of the symbols are oversized and will take up all or much of the reels. As you might expect, this slot looks very rock, the Kiss symbol in gold above the reels all set against a black backdrop. Kiss riffs play throughout this slot, and the slot jumps into overdrive during the feature where you’ll met by a concert based video clip and a song playing throughout.

Playing the Kiss Slot

This two reel set slot has one hundred win lines, these lines divided up between the two sets of reels.  You’ll have the option of playing fewer than the hundred lines, with choices of playing 20, 40, 60 and 80 as well as the maximum amount.

All of the symbols at this slot are stacked and you’ll find that on the right hand reel that they might be stacked along a whole reel – all 12 symbols on the reel being the same. The top paying symbols in the game are Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons, the two founder members of the group. Stanley pays 250 coins when landing 5 in a row, while Simmons pays 200 coins.

All of the other symbols at the game pay between 100 and 50 coins for 5 in a row. The size of these wins may seem small in comparison to some other slots, but with the stacked symbols, you’ll receive lots of wins in large bunches.

The wild in the game is a symbol which features the faces of all four band members. Like all of the other symbols, this is stacked. Occasionally, a band member will appear at the bottom of either the left hand or right hand slot and will turn the entire reel wild, obviously making for a much larger amount of wins.

The scatter symbol at the slot is the ‘Kiss’ emblem, set against a blazing background. This appears on reels 1, 3 and 5 of either slot and should you land three or more across the two slots you’ll start the free spins bonus round. This round is better the more scatter symbols you land to activate it. If you have the basic three, you’ll have 8 spins and win 2x your total bet. Land 4 and you’ll gain 12 free spins with 5x your total bet. However, should you land the five or more, you’ll gain the maximum 20 free spins with a 20x your total bet prize.

Kiss Slot Conclusion

This slot by WMS is certainly eye catching! The two reels make for a very different experience, but you wouldn’t expect a normal slot for a band like Kiss. The visuals are great, as is the sound, especially if you are into the band. The video clip that plays before the feature is an added bonus to the game. The only disappointment is the fact that there wasn’t an added feature apart from the free spins. There was a lot of scope to go a little further with this theme and even a simple pick-em with the band members, or a pick a song feature

About KISS: The Band

KISS, as the name is usually stylized, is a band that is based in the city of New York. The band was formed in the month of January in 1973. The band is known for its trademark style of the members painting their faces with red and black colored stripes. The band members took up the names of comic book characters like Starchild (Paul Stanley) , Demon (Gene Simmons), The Fox (Eric Carr), Spaceman or Space Ace (Ace Frehley). These names also reflected the personality of the performers who took up those names.

The singers of KISS have come out with their single albums as well as albums of their band as a whole. An interesting fact about the band members is that even in their individual albums, they have stayed loyal to their band, KISS. The themes, styling and costumes have remained the same irrespective of whether the album is a single or a band album.

The prestigious Grammy award was not offered to KISS in any category, however the album Psycho Circus, received a nomination for the best hard rock performance in the year 1999. Including the singles and the solo albums that the band members have featured in, KISS has 28 Gold albums till date. The band has the impressive record of selling 40 million albums in America alone and the worldwide figure stands at over 100 million dollars in album sales.

At the end of the day, what matters for punters is that KISS is a slots game that offers ample opportunities to score some good money. If you want to have fun while playing slots, it is a bonus if you are playing on KISS themed slots. Impressive graphics, catchy background score, impressive gameplay, and attractive bonus features make this game a real joy to experience.

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