King of Africa Slot Machine

This slot by WMS is something of a tribute to the Disney film the Lion King, the Lion symbol in the slot resembling that in the film, the classic shot of him looking over his kingdom shown in the pay table screen. This slot features many animals found on the African plains, including a leopard, an elephant, an Impala and a Zebra, as well as an iconic African shield and necklace. At first glance, you might think that the feature of the game is a simple free spins round, but it goes much, much further than that.

This slot is set against the backdrop of a grassy African plain, the sky a hazy purple. All of the symbols are drawn in a cartoon style, although it would be fair to say that these symbols are not quite as well drawn as you would find at some slots today. The accompanying soundtrack to the slot is very suitable, a gentle African style theme playing throughout, added to by the sounds of the game itself.

WMS Kind of Africa Slot Machine Features

This slot by WMS has five reels and twenty lines on those reels. Unlike some slots, you’ll not be able to change this number of win lines, as they are set at twenty. You’ll also pay another 10 coins for the features of the game and once again this isn’t optional. However, you’ll be glad that the feature is on, as it certainly makes the game.

To win you’ll need to land at least three symbols in a row on a win line from left to right, although the top two symbols in the game will also pay out for just two in a row. The top symbol is the game logo, which also acts as the wild. Land this symbol five times in a row and you’ll win 3,000 coins, this symbol also enabling many more wins by substituting for any other symbol in the game (apart from the feature symbol). This symbol is joined by the Lion, the top paying standard symbol in the game, which pays out 1,000 coins for five in a row. The other symbols pay out between 500 and 100 coins for five.

You’ll notice that the title of the slot is ‘King of Africa featuring Hot Hot Penny’. Penny is a flame haired girl (literally) who comes into play when the feature scatter appears twice on the reels. To activate the feature you’ll need the scatter three times, so this is where Penny comes in to lend a hand. The two reels with the feature symbol will remain in the place, but the other three reels will all spin again – this time in slow motion. This gives you a great additional opportunity to land the feature, which is a very nice touch – there is nothing more frustrating than landing two scatter symbols when playing a slot.

King of Africa Slot Bonuses

Having landed the feature, whether with the help of Penny or not, you’ll immediately have eight free spins to play with. However, you’ll have the opportunity of gaining more in a pick em round. Here you’ll make three selections and each will reveal an added one, two or three free spins or you’ll pick a coin. Pick one coin and you’ll gain an extra five spins, pick two and an extra 10 spins are yours and pick all three and 30 free spins are added. Not only this, but during the free spins round, one randomly selected entire reel will always be wild, making for a nice number of extra wins.

King of Africa Slot Conclusion

There are a number of slots with a similar theme to this one and it wouldn’t be unkind to say that this one doesn’t particularly stand out overall – graphically it’s not the greatest and it doesn’t have a modern feel. However, this game will have many fans due to the free spins round which is much better than your standard feature. This slot wouldn’t make any top ten lists, but it is worth a spin.

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