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The Hollywood Edition of Wheel of Fortune slots game comes with five lines and five reels. The game is themed around the popular television show with the same name. This multi-coin slot machine allows you to win Hollywood-sized riches by having a go at the Bonus Wheel. Huge jackpots can be accumulated while playing this game. The Wheel Bonus round can help you win a fortune provided you hold your ground when spinning the wheel. The game features a bonus jackpot, wild multiplier icons, wheel bonus round as well as a bonus game called Double or Nothing.


The Hollywood Edition of Wheel of Fortune slots can be enjoyed using real money wagering or free play. The minimum real money bet you are allowed to place on this slot game is five cents while the maximum is $5 per line. Line bets range from one to nine coins. Per spin, the smallest amount you can bet is five cents while the maximum is $45. 50,000 credits is the highest payout that you can win playing the base game. Currencies you can use include Euros, US dollars and Canadian dollars.



The symbol of the franchise’s Board is a wild multiplier icon in this game. It means that it can be used to substitute other icons to form winning combos as you look to multiply your earnings. Any winning combos with this icon will double your payout. However, these icons cannot be replaced with the Bonus Jackpot icons. The symbol cannot be used to replace the Wheel Bonus icon either. Neither can it trigger the Wheel Bonus round game. Multiple symbols of the franchise’s Board on an activated payline form winning combos to reward you with attractive prizes. Some of the regular symbols in the game include the logo of Wheel of Fortune, Trip, Cruise, Diamond Ring, 1-Bar, 2-Bar, 3-Bar, Watermelon, Grapes, Orange and Strawberry.

The Bonus Jackpot Icons

Three Bonus Jackpot Accumulators appear on the play-field’s top left corner. Each of them display an award amount. Every time there appears a Bonus Jackpot icon on the reels, the amount of credits shown on the icon will be added to the Accumulator. The awards from Bonus Jackpot can be claimed only in the Wheel Bonus game.

Every Bonus Jackpot icon in the game will carry credit values depending upon your overall bet. The Orange and Yellow Bonus Jackpot icons add an equal amount of credits as the overall bet. Credits are doubled on your overall bet if you get the Red icon. When the Wheel Bonus game is triggered, the Wheel can be spun for an opportunity to claim an accumulated Bonus Jackpot prize. Every Bonus Jackpot comes with a color-coded slice on the Bonus Wheel. Once you have finished with the Wheel Bonus game and returned to the core game, all the Accumulators will be reset.

When this slot game is played for the first time, the Red, Orange and Yellow Accumulators are set to 100, 75 and 50, respectively. Extra credits can be added to the Accumulator if the first payline to trigger the Wheel Bonus has two or more credits bet on it, giving you the opportunity to increase your winnings.

The Wheel Bonus

The Wheel Bonus is a special game which can be activated when three icons of the Wheel Bonus appear consecutively on your active payline. The Wheel Bonus icons only come up on the first, second and the third reel. The Board icon cannot be replaced with the Wheel Bonus icon or to trigger the Wheel Bonus special game. Once you have arrived at the Wheel Bonus game, the “Spin” option must be clicked so that the wheel can be spun as you look to earn bonus rewards.

Once you have spun the wheel, a Bankrupt slice will replace your four slices, leaving you with a choice to make – whether you want to claim your winnings or “Spin Again” to see if you can claim a bigger bonus reward. Should you choose you claim your winnings immediately, you will be taken back to the core game. But if you choose to “Spin Again,” your bonus rewards can be increased provided your spin lands the pointer at a “Jackpot” or “Award” slice. However, if the pointer falls on the “Bankrupt” slice, the Bonus Prize winnings will be lost. Your Wheel Bonus round will also come to an end, but you will have something to take away with you in the form of a consolation bonus reward that can be wagered on the Double or Nothing Wheel. Once this bonus game is played, you will be taken back to the base game and the bonus rewards you have won will be added to your overall winnings.

Double or Nothing bonus game

The Double or Nothing Wheel can be spun when you win the consolation after landing on a Bankrupt slice during the Wheel Bonus game. Players have an option to take home their consolation prize, or to risk it in the hope of doubling their prize. Should you stake your consolation and spin the wheel, your prize will be doubled if the wheel lands on the “Double” slice. If the pointer falls on the “Bankrupt” slice, all your winnings will be lost and you will be returned to the core game without claiming any Bonus awards. The Double or Nothing Wheel is very fair as it provides players with a 50-50 chance to land at either the Bankrupt or Double slice.

About Wheel of Fortune

Wheel, or Wheel of Fortune as it is popularly known, is a game show hailing from the United States. Merv Griffin, its creator, has established a fine competition which pits contestants against one another as they strive to solve word puzzles to win prizes and cash. A giant carnival wheel must be spun to determine winnings in this reality game show.

Wheel of Fortune was ranked as one of the best and longest-running US game shows. The show has seen more than 6000 episodes broadcasted, and TV Guide called it a “highly-rated syndicated series” as a result. TV Guide’s list of 60 greatest game shows in history features Wheel of Fortune in second spot right behind Jeopardy. The series has gained worldwide recognition and has been adapted into 60 international languages. In September 2013, the show began airing its 31st season. The game show is watched by millions across the world as it offers players with a unique chance to win big money by merely solving puzzles. Another reason why it is loved so much is that anybody over the age of 18 years can participate in the game.

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