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WMS Gaming’s Hercules slot game brings the legendary character back to life and enables fans across the world to experience a simple and user-friendly interface with sensationally detailed art. The slot machine comes with five reels and can be configured into 40 or 50 lines. It is a video slot that makes for a fascinating experience at the casino. The game operates on the Bluebird platform and is supported by a slot feature called the Hot Hot Super Jackpot. Hercules appears on the screen to enhance the excitement and thrill by offering free spins, progressive multi-tier prizes, free games features as well as the opportunity to win big.

Herculean mythology is perfectly portrayed in this slot game as the icons and art work in addition to spectacular graphics are sure to leave you awe-struck. The high paying bonus symbols have also been innovatively designed to grab the attention of players. The theme, is of course, based on Hercules.

Features of the Hercules Slots Game

Free spins are awarded when reel number five sees a scattered lightning strike any gold lightning. You can win between five and 50 free spins when playing this feature. How many gold lightning icons you land on reel number five will determine the size of the multipliers you win. Moreover, if one or more symbols of the red lightning appear on the fifth reel in addition to the gold lightning when playing the free spins bonus, you will be rewarded with additional free spins.

Free Spins and Multipliers

If you get one symbol of gold lightning on your active paylines, you can win a multiplier of 2x. Two such symbols will reward you with a multiplier of 4x while three such icons will present you with a 6x multiplier. The Re-Spin feature is activated when more than one scattered coin icons emerge on your reels. When activated, all the reels re-spin once to award you with prizes provided that the coin icons remain in their initial position. If you land three coin icons, you activate the free spin feature, which presents you with five free spins. Should you land only two symbols rather than three, the reels spin once more so that you have an opportunity to bag the third icon. However, if you land four or more such symbols, you will be rewarded with five free spins in addition to an extra free spin for every extra coin you have wagered.

The Hot Hot Super Jackpot

Similar to most slot machines that are connected to this popular jackpot, you can activate the feature if the Hot Hot Super Jackpot emerges on reel number five. As your reward, you can engage in a five-reel game based on Gemstone. It comes with clumped and singular symbols, but when the Hot Hot Super Jackpot as well as the Hercules bonuses are activated at the same time, Hercules can play out only after the other round has ended.

The prizes on offer in the Hercules slot game are not the best. $4 can be won on your minimum bet, making it a great game for rookies who do not want to break the bank to have a good time at the casino. WMS has also offered the game to players on mobile devices as it can now be enjoyed on the iPhone, the iPad and on Android. The lucrative bonuses and ground breaking graphics makes Hercules one of the best slot machines ever.

About Hercules – the mythological character

Hercules, also known as Heracles in Greek, was a divine hero and the son of Zeus and Alcmene. Hercules is renowned for his far-ranging adventures and his strength. The myths and iconography used by the Greeks were adapted by the Romans under the title Hercules – the name which is widely used over Heracles today. Contradictory characteristics and a multifaceted figure made Hercules a major subject among writers and artists as he has been represented in a variety of ways. In Roman art, Renaissance art as well as post-Renaissance art, the character is easily identified thanks to his favorite weapon – a gnarled club, and lion skin. He is commonly depicted as a virile creature in tanned bronze complexion.

Over the centuries, Hercules has been referenced in several media, be it films, magazines, TV shows, comic books, animations, etc. He is regarded as one of the greatest mythological characters in history owing to his unprecedented strength. Most of the best films on Hercules were created in the twentieth century, with high profile actors such as Steve Reeves, Kirk Morris, Gordon Scot, Mark Forest, Mickey Hargitay, Alan Steel, Reg Park, Dan Vadis, Michael Lane, Peter Lupus and Brad Harris all bringing the epic figure to life.

Slots lovers and fans of the mythological figure can now experience high quality entertainment in casinos thanks to WMS.

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