Gremlins Slot Machine

Even people who were not born back in 1984 when the first Gremlins film was released will be aware of the ‘golden rules’. You should never feed your Gremlin after midnight, and never, ever get them wet. This was a huge blockbuster back in the day – and WMS has done an amazing job of bringing these characters to life in the (live casino) slot of the same name.

I like the dual playing mode concept. You can choose to play in Gizmo mode, which is the ‘cute’ side. Alternatively you can choose to play in Gremlins mode, which does cost more money – though adds a lot of crazy on-reel behaviours to the mix. The Gremlin’s mode also includes a progressive jackpot.

Graphics are exceptional. The reels show the different characters from the film and are nicely done on their own. The animations which appear over the reels during the features take this concept to the next level. You will get clips from the film too, which are cleverly woven into the bonus-round narrative. There are very few slots I would say are worth a trip to your nearest casino to play, though this is one of them.

Playing the Gremlins Slot

Behind all the extras and bonus games, this is a 5 reel video slot with 40 win lines. Before you spin, you’ll need to choose which of the two modes you play the game in. The cuter ‘Gizmo’ mode is less volatile and does not include the progressive jackpots. You can play this from 1c per line. The minimum spin goes up to $1.50 for the crazy Gremlin’s mode. Here you will partake in the progressives, and you will also unlock a lot of different random bonus games. My personal preference is for the crazy Gremlins mode – this makes this slot a lot of fun.

Standard wins come from lining up 3 or more symbols, and there are wild symbols and bonus symbols on the reels too. These are smaller wins than you might be used to from other slots. The emphasis is on the bonus games, rather than the standard play.

Wilds are freely distributed during the many random in-reel features. Gizmo will offer some extra wilds, though most of these appear during the Gremlins mode.

Examples include a Gremlin in a drag queen outfit appearing in the top portion of the screen and blowing kisses. These fall down to the reels, where they will become extra wilds. Another version is that some Gremlins randomly appear on the reels and start flipping different symbols. These change into wilds – often generating a lot of wins. Yet another in-reel bonus sees the entire reel area electrocuted. In this game all of your wins are multiplied up to 20 times. I saved my personal favourite until last. A creature appears randomly above the total win number on the bottom left of the screen – and adds a zero to the end.

There are also break out bonus features, which involve the ‘midnight’ theme to the film (feeding Gremlins after midnight caused them to multiply). A clock appears on the top portion of the cabinet, you then spin until it reaches midnight. Clocks on the reels turn to eggs on the top of the screen – add wild reels to the mix and this can be a great bonus to hit.

With the crazy game-play it could be easy to forget that this slot could also make you rich. There are 4 levels of progressive jackpot, including one which can get to 7 figures.

Gremlins Slot – Conclusion

If you remember the original film, then this is a must-play slot. The graphics and way that the key themes are woven into the game are amazing. Gizmo mode is all very nice, and will trigger some memories with the cute clips of the dough-eyed creature. This slot really comes into its own in the more lively Gremlins mode. Those extra coins are more than worth it for the crazy random on-reel bonuses you’ll get.

About Gremlins Films

The original film, directed by Joe Dante, was released back in 1984, and was a smash hit at the box office. The plot involved a strange pet – a Mogwai. This was a cute doe-eyed creature, which required special care and adherence to 3 golden rules.

1 – No direct sunlight (this can kill it)

2 – Do not get it wet; this causes them to multiply, spawning Gremlins, the crazy small monsters which made the films so much fun.

3 – No feeding after midnight, which causes them to go into cocoons, hatching multiple more creatures.

Of course, there would be no plot without the creatures multiplying – and indeed getting fed after midnight. The characterization of the Gremlins was amazing with a punk one (Stripe) taking the lead for the ‘bad guys’.

A sequel (called Gremlins: A New Batch) was released in 1990. Plans have been discussed for a modern remake, though there is nothing in production at the time of writing. With CGI effects a lot better than they were back in the 1980s, I am sure that any new sequel could be spectacular.

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