Gems Gems Gems Slot Game

Slots which involve colourful gems are nothing new – but this one from WMS is different to anything you will have seen before. The animations and attention to detail in on the symbols are very professional, though this is not what makes Gems Gems Gems stand apart.

The difference is the use of the ‘Match Play’ system which WMS have developed. This gives you 4 sets of reels, with one large one to the left hand side, and then 3 smaller ones to the right. When you get wild or feature symbols on the main reels, these are transported to all of the smaller sets – giving you the chance to accumulate some huge wins.

Graphics & Features

Production and graphics are top quality, as you might expect from Williams Interactive. There is a haunting humming sound in the background, which also contributes to the atmosphere of this game. There are large and small gems on the reels, with the biggest prize coming from the large yellow one (200 coins for 5) or the wild symbols. The green and blue are next on the pay table, worth 100 coins for 5. These numbers might appear low compared to other slots. You should keep in mind that you will often hit multiple wins with stacked wilds, and that these wins can cover 4 separate sets of reels for the same spin amount. When you hit 10 wins at once, the smaller individual amounts will soon add up to a nice payday.

The diamond symbol also transposes from the main reel to the smaller ones. This is the feature symbol, for each set of reels which show 3 of these, your multiplier for the bonus round will increase. With one set triggering this you get 3x on all wins, then 6x for 2, 9x for 3 and 12x for all 4. If you get 3 diamonds on the main set of reels, these move to all of the smaller ones, guaranteeing you the bigger multiplier.

When the bonus starts you get a nice animation where 1000’s of gems fall down from the top of the screen. You then go to a single set of reels where your spins take place – accompanied by an upbeat backing track. You can trigger 5 more spins with the same multiplier by hitting 3 more diamonds. With some wilds in place, you can hit a significant windfall during this bonus game.

Playing Gems Gems Gems

You can access this slot online and in live casinos. There are 80 win lines to play, and that number is fixed by the system in use. Each coin is for 2 lines, giving you a smallest spin amount of just 40c (pretty good for 4 sets of reels at once) and the largest is $120 on the version I played. As with all WMS games, there is an auto-play option available.

All of the sets of reels spin when you click, with the larger set finishing first and then the top, middle and bottom of the 3 smaller reels following. There is a wild symbol which simply says ‘gems’, this can be stacked – taking up all 3 positions on the reels. When you get this on the main reels (or the diamond, which is the symbol which triggers the feature) then an animation moves them to each of the smaller reels before they stop. As you can probably imagine, a few wild symbols over 4 different sets of reels can be very profitable indeed.

All-in-all Gems Gems Gems is an excellent slot. The top quality graphics and production from WMS make all the difference, and the 4 reel setup keeps the level of excitement and anticipation high at regular intervals. Stacked wilds moving to the smaller wins mean that multiple wins often appear as if out of nowhere in this game. If you enjoy the gems genre, then this is definitely one for your shortlist.

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