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The Game of Life brings back warm childhood memories to the masses. Regardless of how old you may be, you can now relive those fine memories thanks to WMS and their new slot game which goes by the same name. WMS has developed a reputation for producing some of the finest and most interesting slot machines of our time, and The Game of Life simply displays the ingenuity of the software developers at the company. This slot game includes several different bonus rounds along with a progressive jackpot which is very well received by fans and slot lovers alike.

With five reels and 17 paylines, players can wager a minimum of 40 credits on The Game of Life. The maximum wager is limited to 400 credits. As it is a wide area progressive, it is interlinked with other jackpots that make matters more exciting. The game allows players to choose their own personal character profile including gender, and one of six distinctive career options. Selections must be made wisely as they gain more importance as the game progresses, thus affecting the potential winnings.

Variety of Bonuses and Features in The Game of Life

The presence of a split screen means that players can access the Bank of Life as well as the core game at the same time. Players can also engage in various bonus rounds in efforts to increase their winnings. The free spins bonus is triggered when you get more than two spinner icons on any of your reels. You stand a chance to win 10 free spins when playing this bonus round. Since the slot game is interlinked with a bigger entity, a feature called the Big Event Community is re-activated every three minutes or so. The spinner will decide whether you receive random credit prizes, or whether the Big Event bonus should be activated. Once you receive a credit prize, your car will move on the board, and should it land on your selected career option, you stand a chance to win massive credit prizes.

Another great bonus feature in The Game of Life is Pay Day. In this bonus round, the screen displays a bank, where credits can be received based on how many pegs enter the bank. While normal pegs offer a small number of credits, there are special ones which offer more credits. A bonus feature called Career Day brings your career selection into play. When playing this round, you will have six options from which to choose a random career, and rewards are received when the round comes to an end. A larger number of credits can be won if the randomly chosen career is your choice too.

Speed Spin is yet another intriguing feature which provides seven spins to players, and each spin has 10 potential outcomes – each of which either enhance your winnings, reward you with free spins, or deliver one or more prizes. It is the highest paying bonus round in The Game of Life. In addition to these wonderful features, the progressive jackpot is activated when five progressive symbols land on all of your reels every time the amount reaches $201,000.

About the Board Game – The Game of Life

Life, as it is simply called, or The Game of Life, was created by Milton Bradley in 1860. The board game has since been produced by many other companies and is regarded as one of the most popular and enjoyable family pastime activities. It was the first famous parlor game in the United States due to its interesting features. The game takes players through their simulated life, going through college, getting jobs, getting married with possible children, purchasing things, and eventually retiring. It can be played between two and six players, but variations of the game mean that eight to 10 participants can have fun using one board.

The later versions of the Game of Life were created mainly by a game and toy designer named Reuben Klamer. It received a hearty endorsement en route to becoming the Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History’s permanent collection. Books and movies have been inspired by the famous board game over the years, making it one of the most cherished pastime creations of all time.

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