Ferris Bueller’s Day Off Slot


WMS has already done a great job of bringing some of the key films from the 1980’s into their slots range. These include Gremlins, Beetlejuice and now the classic comedy based on skipping school – Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.

In 1986, when this film was released a whole generation was rooting for Ferris against his sister and the obnoxious school principal. The transition to a slot machine has kept a lot of the humour from the original script, and provided plenty of out-takes to trigger your memory. There are no less than 8 mini-bonus games to play in addition to the main game on the reels. Many of these recreate the classic scenes from the film, and involve Ferris speaking directly to the camera as well as interacting with the other cast members.

Playing Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

Behind the oversized symbols and bonus games, this is a 20 line slot. These lines are fixed in place, though you can play up to 5 coins per line. You’ll find the main characters from the film on the reels including Ferris himself, Sloane Peterson (Ferris’ girlfriend from the film), Cameron Frye and the principle Edward Rooney. With the odd sized symbols it is often not totally straight forward to see which when you have a winning combination. With this type of high-entertainment slot it is usually best just to go with the flow and wait for the bonus games to kick in.

You’ll often see the iconic Ferrari on the reels, and this also features in several of the bonus games. There are video clips from the film (short ones) which come up frequently. These are enjoyable enough in a nostalgic sort of a way, though I can imagine the interruptions might get a little too frequent over a long session. This is a live-only slot at the moment and has a second screen on the top part of the cabinet. There is an online game with the same name; this is made by Cryptologic (now owned by gambling giant Amaya).

Ferris Bueller’s Day Off – Bonus Games

As with all of the movie tie-in entertainment type slots, it is the bonus games which make them worth playing. This game has no less than 8 mini-bonuses, which range from simple pick-em games to more involved bonuses involving a board and wheel setup – and even one which uses the colossal reels technology.

Each of the bonus games represents a scene from the movie. A simple example being picking a menu from the Chez Quis restaurant to reveal a prize, or a similar game where you’ll need to pick a hotdog from the baseball game.

There is a much more involved pick-em game which represents the race home. Where you are against the principal and sister to reach the end of the screen. The colossal reels bonus adds a new set of reels which are 9 symbols high to the side of the initial reels. With large stacked symbols in play, this can add a lot of wins to the board in one go. You can spin a separate wheel to move around a game board of film locations picking up wins as you go in yet another bonus game.

Ferris Bueller’s Day Off – Conclusion

You’ll really need to know the film to appreciate this game. While a certain generation will remember this as a classic, it is almost 30 years old now – meaning many slots fans will simply never have heard of it. I enjoyed this game very much, and found that the bonus games triggered frequently enough to stop the game from getting dull. To be fair, many of the bonuses are really just excuses to show funny clips, combined with a simple game of choosing one of a few items on the screen. That aside, this is a very entertaining slot and if you remember the pure escapism of the original film, then is definitely one to check out next time you visit a casino.

About Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

To simply say that this is a teen comedy based in Chicago and released in 1986 does not really do the impact of this film justice. While it could easily have been ‘just another fun movie’ the interplay of the characters and iconic comedy moments fully deserve the accolade of preservation in the National Film Registry that this piece would later receive.

This film was directed, written and produced by John Hughes. It stars Matthew Bodderick, who later went on to do the (adult) voice of Simba in the Lion King and act on Broadway. Co-stars were Mia Sara, Alan Ruck and Jeffrey Jones and the memorable principle.

On the face of it, taking a day off of school to have fun in Chicago does not sound like a deep and meaningful plot. There were many elements which bought this to life, including Ferris explaining his inner thoughts directly to the camera at times. Of course, Ferris and his crew winning over the evil sister (who comes good the end) and interfering principal makes for a feel-good ending too.

I recommend the slot, though if you have not seen the movie for more around 30 years – why not enjoy that too!


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