Star Trek Explore New Worlds Slot Game
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When it comes to Sci-fi, Star Trek is one of the most loved TV series. It might surprise you to learn that only three series were ever made and each of these made in just a three-year window from 1966 to 1969. The series never really grabbed the public’s attention at first, but reruns of Star Trek saw it build up a cult status and become the iconic series it is today. On the back of the original series, a number of other series were commissioned, starting with ‘The Next Generation’ in 1987, while a much-awaited new series ‘Discovery’ is in the pipeline today.

This WMS online slot is based on the original series and is one of a number of games with a Star Trek theme. ‘Explore New Worlds’ is the second game of the series and comes after ‘Red Alert’, access to each subsequent game coming when the player earns enough medals.

The Original Cast: Winning Symbols on Star Trek Explore New Worlds

This game is played out on 5 reels, with a total of 25 win lines, which all pay from left to right. On the reels, you’ll find three characters from the series – Captain Kirk, Mr. Spock and Bones. In addition, there are gadgets from the series including ray guns, hand held phones (which were way ahead of their time) and a large, screened device. You’ll also find one of the Andorran race on the reels, with eye-catching blue skin, blonde hair and antennae, and the iconic Starship Enterprise also appears.

Throughout the game, you’ll earn medals for a variety of achievements and when you reach the required level, you’ll be able to move onto the next game, ‘The Trouble with Tribbles’.

Multiple Slot Bonus Features

This sci-fi themed game is full of features throughout and this is where your biggest wins will come along. The first of the bonus rounds is activated by landing three or more of the ‘feature symbols’ anywhere on the reels. You’ll now enter the ‘Beam Me Up’ round where you’ll start by selecting a member of the crew, which will give you an immediate credit win. You’ll now move onto a second screen showing the character you chose surrounded by a selection of strange creatures and plants. You’ll now aim to destroy these and every time you successfully erase them you’ll win more credits. You’ll continue to select crew mates and the plants/creatures to destroy until an alien appears out of the ground, at which point the feature is over.

There are also a number of smaller features that can be won during the base game, each of these awarded randomly.

The Spock Multiplier – Mr. Spock will do you a nice favor here when he appears, as he’ll apply a multiplier of between 3x and 10x to all winning lines.

Scotty’s Wild Reels – Scotty will turn either one or two reels completely wild, giving you the opportunity of that oversized pay out.

The Enterprise Fly By – The Starship Enterprise will now fly over the reels after a win and turn every one of the winning symbols into another symbol, meaning that you’ll get two wins for the price of one.

The Rock Creature Multiplying Wild – the Rock Creature, who might just be the ugliest creature that you’ll ever come across in a slot, will appear and leave a wild with an added multiplier on the reels. The wild multiplier will be between 3x and 10x and can give a nice boost to your bankroll.

Faithful Original Star Trek Design

The design of this game remains very faithful to the original TV series. The backing to the reels shows space itself, with stars shining in the background, with purple colored gas clouds invading the emptiness. All of the symbols are well designed, including hand drawn images of the three leading characters from the show. A special mention has to be made of the soundtrack, which does a brilliant job of bringing the slot to life. The distinctive theme tune from the series appears here, as well as soundbites from the show too.

Should Tune in to the Star Trek Explore New Worlds Slot?

This is an entertaining slot from start to finish. To begin with you have the eye-catching base game, where you’ll enjoy all of the symbols from the TV show, as well as the leading characters. In this base game you’ll find a variety of features which keeps a nice level of variety throughout, much better than your average, almost predictable slot games. The ‘Beam Me Up’ feature is a nice one too – yes, it is basically a pick-em feature, but the graphics and the array of creatures make this much more enjoyable.






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