Exploding Pays Slot


Exploding pays is a concept that WMS use for their gems type slots. This introduces novel and interesting behaviour into games including Cool Jewels and Sweet Drops, giving them a new level of interaction and entertainment. These types of slot machine games are not set up in the normal slot format of 5 reels each with 3 or 4 rows of symbols. Instead they are larger grids into which gems (or sweets) fall. If you get 3 or more of these together, they explode, allowing the remaining symbols to fall downwards to fill the gaps. Often, this creates cascades of wins, each of which is subject to an increasing multiplier.

This type of game-play was first created for mobile phone games – with candy crush being a famous example. It works brilliantly for slot play, since the gems concept can be assigned wins. What WMS has done with the ‘Exploding Pays’ idea, is add in some wild symbols to the games which add novel behaviours. Alone, these wilds will remove a lot of sweets or gems from the playing grid (allowing the cascade of wins). It is when they are combined that different behaviours give a new level of complexity to the games.

Exploding Pays Slots Wild Symbols

There are 4 main types of wilds featured in the exploding pays slots. The different behaviour is triggered when these wilds make a combination of 4 with a type of gem or sweets. My favourite is the most basic, the one which simply creates and explosion – destroying the symbols for 3 rows each way and making a big gap for new winning combinations to fill.

Others destroy the symbols more specifically. For example one wild will do this horizontally and vertically – hitting the row and column it is in like a cross. Another type does the same thing though vertically. The final regular type of wild is sticky, and will not explode. This is useful as it moves down and can make combinations with other wilds.

When you get the wilds together then the behaviour gets even better. There are several combinations, which involve highlighted parts of the screen for future explosions and also multipliers for wins within them.

Playing Exploding Pays Slots

There are no win-lines in the traditional way, instead you just need to choose an overall bet amount and press the spin button. There is a 7×7 grid which fills up with symbols depending on the theme of the slot you are playing. The best known of these is ‘Cool Jewels’ which fills the screen with brightly coloured gems. You do not get to switch the positions of any gems yourself. Instead the game highlights those places where there are 4 or more of one type together (not corner to corner) and they explode after counting up your wins.

Each explosion adds to a meter on the left of the ‘reels’. The first win is at the standard pay-out amount, with each one after that increasing the multiplier attached to the win. As the symbols drop and create more wins (especially in combination with the wilds), the multiplier increases. You can easily see a small win on the first ‘spin’ turn into much bigger ones with 8x, 16x or even more if a lucky sequence of cascades takes place.

At the same time a meter on the left counts the amount of wild symbols you have used. As you hit 4 or more of these, you will trigger a free spins round. This is where the big money opportunities come with the Exploding Pays system – the spins will themselves create cascades of wins.

Exploding Pays Slots Conclusion

WMS has created an interesting way of building on the gem-games concept to take the play to a whole new level. If you enjoy this type of ‘slot’ then the behaviour of the wilds (especially in combination) will keep the games fresh an interesting a lot longer than those of rival games.

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