Epic Monopoly Slot


There are many Monopoly themed slots, by several different slot makers. These include IGT titles and even one by Barcrest. None come close to Epic Monopoly by WMS for me, with the 3D effects and multiple interactive bonus games taking the concept to a whole new level in this game. The symbols and game-play are all based on the world’s most popular board game, which was first created back in 1903 as a way to explain the a taxation theory. This is a live-casino slot with a dual screen cabinet, and has not yet made it online.

This slot is based on the multi-play WMS setup, where you get 4 sets of reels on the screen.  There is one bigger set of reels to the left hand side, which spins fractionally ahead of the other ones. When you land a wild or bonus symbol on the main reels, this is replicated on the 3 smaller sets of reels which go down the right hand side (via an animation where they all move over). This can give you a lot of wins in one go, especially those times that you are lucky enough to get a few wilds on the first 2 reels.

You’ll find a number of on-reel features in this game (many of them ‘epic’ as the name suggests). The main bonus game takes you to a 3D monopoly board, where Uncle Pennybags becomes an animated avatar moving around the board to collect wins.

Playing the Epic Monopoly Slot

Each of the 4 sets of reels has 40 lines in this game, giving you 160 lines to play in total. WMS do allow you to play 1 coin for every 2 lines, so you’ll be able to spin for less than $1. Symbols on the reels are the classics from the board game. These include the metal pieces like the top-hat, dog, battleship and boot. There is an Uncle Pennybags symbol, and also a 1930’s woman in profile (that was the heyday of the game). You’ll also get ‘Epic’ symbols which trigger the bonuses.

If you do get 3+ of these across the reels, a large wheel in the top cabinet will spin – revealing your epic bonus. There are several on-reel extras to choose from. Epic multipliers involves a different multiplier being assigned to each of the 4 sets of reels (2x, 3x and 5x for example). Any wins which land there are then subject to this multiplier. Epic spins fill the board with a lot of wild symbols, giving you multiple wins at once with the possibility of a giant-sized win those times you cover a lot of the reels. Those wilds are replicated onto the smaller sets of reels too.

Other ‘Epic’ games include free spins (with stacked wilds giving you a great chance to make multiple wins on a single larger set of reels). There is also an ‘Epic’ chance option, which is a pick-em game with some potentially big coin wins.

Monopoly Slot Machine Bonus Game

If all of the epic on-reel possibilities were not quite enough to keep you entertained, then there is always the main bonus game. This is a 3D game and a big step up from similar slots from other makers. You can enjoy a bonus multiplier for all of the wins on this round, and will be assigned a number of dice rolls at the start.

Uncle Pennybags becomes animated and acts as your host, jumping from square to square. You roll giant dice (by touching the screen) and move from pick-em game to pick-em game. Properties give you a choice of 5, utilities and stations have their own games and chance + community chest squares give you extra rolls as well as credit prizes. You’ll get a nice boost if you manage to pass go too.

Monopoly Slot – Conclusion

Easily the best Monopoly slot I have seen in a very crowded theme. This is an intensive and entertaining game, with multiple breaks from the main spinning the reels part. I recommend this one simply to see how well the board-based bonus game has been done.

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