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Enchanted Kingdom is a fantasy themed slot designed by WMS. The game has a fairy tale theme, although it’s not exactly clear in which era the game is based. You will find many fantasy themed symbols on the reels including a castle, a frog, a potion and an apple. The central character in this game looks much more like Cleopatra than she does a Disney princess. This fact does add some mystery to the game. The highlight is a free spins slot bonus round, where both the number of spins and the multiplier attached will catch your eye.

How to Win on the Enchanted Kingdom Slot

Just like the vast majority of slots today, this game has five reels, each of the reels three symbols high. There are a total of 30 win lines, but these can be customized to play any number between 1 and 30, and the symbols pay from left to right when three or more line up in a row.

One of the best aspects of this fantasy themed slot is the fact that every symbol is relevant to the theme. In many slots today you’ll find ‘filler’ playing card symbols making up the standard symbols, but this slot is all about the Enchanted Kingdom.

First, you have the animals on the reels. You have a frog wearing a crown, which I guess makes him a prince. Seeing as a Cleopatra lookalike is on the reels, this might be an Egyptian prince, possibly even Tutankhamen. You also have a squirrel with a gold acorn and a tiger wearing a very expensive looking collar.

Next you have the fairy tale symbols. You have the magic mushrooms and the apple, each of which could cause ‘Cleopatra’ some harm if she eats them. The same goes for the heart shaped jar holding a strange purple liquid. Finally, you have a magical looking Golden castle, complete with high turrets and a treasure chest, filled with sparkling golden jewelry.

The only other standard symbol in the game is the one showing the title in big red lettering against a green backdrop. This is a high paying symbol, so landing five of these in a row will give your bankroll a nice boost.

The Cleopatra symbol acts as the wild symbol and will substitute for any other symbol on the reels apart from the bonus one, giving the opportunity of creating many more wins.

Enchanted Kingdom Free Spins Bonus Feature

The final symbol that you’ll see on the reels is a golden crown encrusted with bright red rubies. This acts as the bonus symbol and you’ll need to land three or more of these anywhere on the reels to enter the bonus feature. This feature is a free spins bonus round and you’ll have a total of 20 free spins to play with.

Having this number of free spins is very good in itself, but you have two added extras to give the feature a boost. First, and most importantly, every time you land a win during these free spins there is a 3x multiplier in place. This would make for a very good time to land that big 5 in a row win. The second advantage of the feature is the fact that it can be retriggered. Hit those three bonus symbols again and you’ll immediately have another 20 spins tagged onto the end of your bonus.

Oz Inspired Enchanted Kingdom Slot Design

While the selection of symbols is good, the design of the Enchanted Kingdom casino game does look a little dated. The reels have a plain white background and there is a notable lack of animation when you land a win, the Cleopatra symbol the only one with a hint of animation. The most impressive visuals are above the reels where you’ll find a scene with a purple sky, with dandelions swaying in the breeze. In the background you have the gleaming kingdom, the sun shining brightly behind it, giving it a holy air. In some ways the gleaming kingdom might remind you of the Emerald City in the Wizard of Oz.

Enchanted Kingdom – Is This Solid Fantasy Slot Worth a Spin?

Enchanted Kingdom isn’t the most original slot you’ll find on the casino floor. A standard base game with a free spins bonus feature is nothing unique. However, the free spins feature is a very good one. Twenty free spins with a 3x multiplier will almost certainly make for a highly profitable feature and this alone makes this WMS slot worth playing.

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