Bruce Lee: Dragon’s Tale Slots

After the success of the original Bruce Lee themed slot, WMS has created a follow up. Dragon’s tale is not just another makeover – this is a highly original game which lets you play 4 sets of reels at the same time (similar to Aristocrat’s Wonder 4 slot). The music has improved too, with an on-theme background track instead of the standard library of computerized spin sounds that WMS usually use.

What really adds to the enjoyment for this game is that wilds (which are stacked) replicate themselves from the main larger reel to the 3 smaller ones on each spin. This gives you the chance to hit wins on all 4 reels at the same time some of the time. On top of this there is are free games which has the potential for a multiplier of 12x. This is all nicely produced with imagery from Bruce Lee’s famous films, you can find out more about those at the bottom of this page.

Playing Bruce Lee Dragon’s Tale

While the setup can look at little complex at first, with one large set of reels and 3 smaller ones to the right hand side, this is actually quite straightforward. Each set of reels is a 5 reel, 3 row video slot with 20 win lines. You play a fixed 80 lines to cover all 4 reels, and your bet size is for every 2 lines. This makes the minimum spin 40c, with a $200 max on the version I played. Auto-play is available.

Symbols on the larger set of reels come to a stop first. If you get any wild symbols (the ‘Bruce Lee’ logo) or feature symbols (the yin-yang) then these are moved to the other 3 reels via an animation. You then have multiple chances of triggering the feature or combining the wilds, which are stacked, with other winning symbols. This means a lot of wins when you get the stacked wild symbols covering a lot of the first reels and see this replicated over to 3 more sets.

To make up to for the larger amount of wins, the pay-outs are smaller than on some other slots. With 4 reels paying several win-lines each, this is more than balanced by the sheer number of wins you will often receive.


Bonus Features & Symbols

Animations on the reels are basic; the best animation is the symbols moving over to the smaller reels and the sequence where Bruce breaks a wall to start the free spins game. Most of the regular animations are just colours around the outside when making a win, though the yin-yang at least rotates.

The wild (logo) and portrait of Bruce are the biggest paying symbols, worth 200 coins for 5 on a line, with kicking Bruce Lee and pagoda are worth 100 coins. Next in the prizes list comes the Chinese symbols and weapons, with the playing card symbols (which have a Chinese makeover) making up the smallest wins.

Yin-yang symbols have a prize of 2x your total bet (for 5) and 1x your total bet (for 4) and also trigger 5 free spins. Remember that these will be replicated across the reels. If you are lucky enough to get 5 on the first reel, that turns into 4×5 automatically.

While the number of free spins is fixed at 10, the multiplier you receive on those wins depends on how many of the sets of reels get 3+ yin-yang symbols. If you get these only one set of reels, then your multiplier is 3x for the bonus game. 2 sets gives you a 6x multiplier, 3 sets gets 9x and all 4 sets of reels triggering the bonus gets you a huge 12x multiplier. You can retrigger the bonus game while playing it by getting 3+ of the feature symbols again. This bonus game is played on a single large set of reels, which takes up the centre of the screen.

I enjoyed this slot a lot, the replicating wild and feature symbols is a unique feature and really does add to the game-play – one to check out whether you play live slots or online.

Bruce Lee’s Best Known Films

Lee starred in many films, and was a child actor before becoming an icon in later life. There are 5 films which he is best known for.

#1 Enter the Dragon: A wonderfully made and rich film based on an underworld fighting tournament, the suicide of Lee’s sister and subsequent revenge. This film even features a guest appearance from Jackie Chan.

#2 The Big Boss: Is it an ice-packing factory, or an underworld drug smuggling operation? Things start to go awry as workers disappear and the truth of behind the big boss comes out.

#3 Way of the Dragon: Lee directed this film as well as starring in it. The theme is protecting his uncle’s restaurant from gangsters. Originally shot in Chinese, this movie was dubbed into English.

#4 Jing wu Men: Most of Lee’s films were modern-day (at least for the 1970’s); this one was instead historical, being set in occupied Shanghai. Lots of action involved in this epic.

#5 Game of Death: This film came out after Lee’s death, there are 40 minutes of fight footage that Lee shot before he died, put together with body-doubles and other out-takes. The result is still an excellent movie.

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