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Dragon Wheel is a three-reel slot designed by Bally, part of the same stable of slot makers as WMS under the umbrella of industry giant Scientific Games.

The bonus feature of this game is played out on a ‘Wheel of Fortune’ style wheel found above the reels, where anything up to 1,000 credits can be won.

In a slot industry crowded with five reel slots, 3 reel slot machines are less popular today, but the exciting bonus feature on offer here certainly makes for an entertaining game.

You have a couple of added bonuses too, which can make that visit to the bonus wheel even more profitable. Read on to find out how.

How the 3-Reel Dragon Wheel Slot Works

With just three reels, the number of win lines is limited and here you’ll find five. Win line 1 is straight across the middle, while win lines 2 and 3 represent the upper and lower rows respectively. Win lines 4 is the diagonal from top left to bottom right, while win line 5 is the opposite from bottom left to top right. To win you’ll need to line-up three symbols in a row on one of the 5 win lines.

The symbols on the Dragon Wheel slot reels have a very traditional feel. First, you have the two different ‘seven’ symbols. The first one has clearly been too near to the dragon, as the symbol glows red due to the flames engulfing it. These sevens are the highest paying symbols, while you’ll also gain an extra bonus pay out for landing a combination of these symbols.

Another nod to the traditional sees the single, double and triple bar symbols make an appearance. Just like the sevens, these will pay out if you land three in a row of each individual symbol, with a bonus pay out if you hit a combination of the three.

Alongside the sevens and the bar symbols you’ll also find a wild symbol which has the word ‘double’ written across it. As you might have guessed, if you land a win where this wild substitutes for another symbol, the win amount will be doubled.

Also in the base game you’ll find a ‘Pay Five’ symbol. This effectively gives you a free spin as you’ll simply win 5 credits when this appears, the same amount as the cost of each spin.

Spin the Wheel – The Dragon Wheel Slot Bonus Feature

The final symbol in the game is a small wheel which represents the larger wheel above the reels. You’ll enter the bonus feature when landing three of these symbols in a row on a win line. A snake will now appear and swirl around the screen, before you are asked to touch the screen to start the bonus round.

On the bonus wheel you’ll see a series of segments containing a series of credit wins, the highest amount being 1,000 coins, while the lowest pay out of all is just 20 coins. A pointer will move clockwise around the wheel and whichever segment it stops at, the amount will be yours. This wheel is slightly unusual as the pointer comes to a very sudden stop, whereas you might expect it to slow down and finally come to a rest in one of the segments.

Occasionally you’ll find an added bonus when entering this feature, as some of the bonus symbols on the third reel state ‘2 bonus spins’ or ‘3 bonus spins’. Hitting these give you valuable additional spins, ensuring that your visits to the bonus wheels can potentially be very profitable ones.

Traditional / Asian Mix Design

Although the game features very traditional symbols, each of these has had an Asian makeover, while the game features a soundtrack with the same theme. Directly above the reels you’ll see the title of the slot with golden dragons appearing either side. The most impressive visual in the entire game is the large golden dragon which lives in the middle of the bonus wheel, ready to breathe fire on any player who is too successful at taking away his cash. The bonus wheel is made of solid gold, which is hopefully what you’ll receive if hitting the maximum 1000 credit segment.

Dragon Wheel Slot Overview

Playing five reel real-money slots are all the rage today and it’s easy to presume that a 3-reel slot will be a little mundane in comparison to their larger companions. However, this isn’t the case at all when playing Dragon Wheel. This slot really comes to life when you enter the bonus feature. These ‘wheel of fortune’ style games do offer an added level of excitement, and the fact that you could enjoy 2 or 3 spins only makes the feature more worthwhile.

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