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Dragon Mistress is a new, eye catching slot from WMS. The game is based upon a series of different dragons which are joined by a number of beautiful women.

Dragon Mistress slot machine is unusual in the fact that after hitting spin, sometimes a large, stunning image will fill most or all of the reels, where the complete image will pay you a bonus win.

These images also play a key role in the bonus feature, where every free spin you receive will see the brilliant artwork potentially filling the reels.

Symbols and Images – How the Dragon Mistress Slot Works

At first, you might think the base game of the Dragon Mistress slot works much like any other. You have five reels, each of these four symbols high and the slot pays from left to right. You’ll need to hit at least three in a row of any symbol to land a win. The highest paying symbols in the games are a variety of small dragons. You have a red dragon in front of a purple backdrop, a green dragon in front of the sun and an ice cold blue dragon. Alongside the dragons, you’ll also find the playing card symbols 10, J, Q, K and A. The standard symbols are stacked on occasions, which can make for some big winning spins. This stacking isn’t as prominent as you might find in some other slots on the casino floor.

The wild symbol shows a hand holding a crystal ball and this will substitute for any other symbol in the game, this particularly useful when appearing alongside the higher paying dragon symbols.

During the base game, you’ll randomly see one of the breath-taking images appear on the reels. Each image features a dragon alongside their mistress, the image divided into five sections across the reels. If you land the first three sections of the image on the first three reels you’ll win a prize, which will increase if this extends to a fourth reel. However, the real excitement comes if the image takes up the whole of the reels – this might sound a tough ask, but does happen on a regular basis.

You’ll now see the dragon from the screen above breathe fire down onto the reels. Once the flames have disappeared, six numbers will now show in front of the image. These will be extinguished one by one until there are two left. These two numbers will now move to the center of the screen before the fifth number is extinguished. The number left represents an immediate credit win.

Dragon’s Eggs Trigger the Bonus Feature

Occasionally you’ll see a series of large, brightly colored dragon eggs taking up much of the reels. Much like the other imagery, if these eggs fill the reels completely you’ll enter the bonus round where you’ll have 15 free spins in total to play with. During the bonus feature, you’ll find one of the stunning images in play at every single spin, with the potential of landing one of those bonus payouts at the end of each.

While the bonus feature is a good one (who doesn’t want free spins?), this doesn’t offer as much variety as it could. The only difference between the base game and the feature is that the images appear on every spin as opposed to occasionally during the base game. Being a game based around dragons, there is much scope to include a more original bonus feature which differs from the base game, which would have given the game a further boost.

Breathing Fire: The Dragon Mistress Slot Design

You won’t find many real money casino slots on the floor with visuals as good as this one. The screen filling imagery is simply perfect, each image showing one of the beautiful mistresses sharing a meaningful moment with her dragon. Although the image is a still at first, having won you’ll find it transforming into a video clip, with the mistress turning her head and looking out at the player. The dragon breathing fire looks amazing too, while the smaller dragon symbols in the base game will each appeal to players, especially those who enjoy the fantasy genre.

The WMS Dragon Mistress Slot – Overview

There is little doubt that the Dragon Mistress slot will have a wide appeal. The imagery in the game is just fantastic throughout and if you’re walking past this slot, it will certainly make you stop and pay attention. The gameplay is unique too, as those images mean a very different experience to your standard slot gaming. This is a solid game which resists the urge to have too many different bonus features. When you complete the images on the reels and the fire comes from above, you’ll quickly see the appeal.

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