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If you want to look for the ultimate resume in show business, it’s hard to find a complete all-rounder to match the legendary Dean Martin. Born in 1917, the entertainer made his name as a singer, an actor and a comedian and earned the nickname ‘The King of Cool’. Later in his career he even added the role of film producer too.

While some twenty years after his death in 1995, he would play the central role in a WMS designed slot machine called Dean Martin’s Pool Party. In the game, Dean Martin sits to the left of the reels enjoying his time in the sun with a blonde and a brunette, while the reels offer up a slightly unusual, and entertaining slot experience.

Unique 11 Reel Setup

The setup of the reels is unlike most of the games you’ll come across. The free Dean Martin slot game has eleven reels in total, but eight of these are found in two 2×2 boxes to the left-hand side and each of these reels only shows one symbol. To the right of the two boxes you’ll find three more traditional reels, each of these six high. In total, the game has 100 win lines, with 50 lines going through the upper 2×2 box and a further 50 lines going through the lower 2×2 box.

This set up makes for a high variance game, as matching symbols on the first two ‘reels’ keeps a large number of win lines active, while non-matching symbols on these two reels shuts down the action immediately. This can mean that when the wins come along they can come along big, but you might have to wait a little longer than usual.

The symbols on the reels include Dean Martin himself (lounging in a deckchair), the blonde waitress serving Dean a drink, a brunette lady lounging by the pool and a redhead drinking through a straw. You’ll also find a rubber duck, a pair of sunglasses and a bottle of drink with two glasses, which are joined by the traditional playing card filler symbols.

Throughout the game, the symbols can be stacked on the rightmost reels, which only add to the high variance nature of the game. These stacked symbols can be six high and fill the entire reels.

The title symbol acts as the wild and will substitute for every other symbol apart from the bonus one. This wild can appear on all eleven of the reels and being stacked on the rightmost reels, it is possible that the wild could cover the entire slot, which would make for a nice pay day.

Two Ways to Trigger the Dean Martin’s Pool Party Bonus Feature

The bonus feature in the game is a free spins bonus round, which is nothing new, but the fact that you have two ways to activate it is original. The first way you’ll enter the free spins round is to land the beach ball bonus symbol three times or more across any of the reels. This is a standard feature, but the other free spins feature is the much more exciting one.

You’ll activate this other feature if the same symbol appears on reels 1, 2, 3 and 4 or reels 5, 6, 7 and 8. If this happens you’ll land five free spins, but the four reels will now show just one larger symbol, giving you the opportunity of a very big win, as all the win lines are still active through to the right-hand reels. If you’re after a huge win, this will give you the best opportunities for that mega pay out.

Caricature of Dean Martin Central to the Slot Design

The online slot Pool Party certainly has an element of fun, with Dean Martin now also playing the role of cartoon star, as instead of an image of the movie star, you have a fun caricature – a drawing of his head attached to a cartoon style body. Graphically, this isn’t the best slot you’ll find on the casino floor, as the symbols are quite simply drawn in a cartoon style, each sitting on a plain white background. However, the fun element of the game does overtake the visuals and the accompanying sound of Dean singing will be enjoyed by all who play it.

Dean Martin’s Pool Party Overview: Will This Casino Slot Make a Splash?

At first glance, you could be mistaken for thinking this movie star inspired slot was a fairly basic one. The uninspiring visuals look almost clip-art like on the reels, with Dean Martin himself being the only stand out symbol. However, the game play itself is nothing like basic at all. With the eight mini reels, this makes for a very exciting game where the onus is on matching those left-hand symbols, giving the opportunity of many win lines paying at once. This can lead to frustrating runs, but when a win does come your way, it can be big.

About Dean Martin

Dean Martin had a long and varied career. Born in 1917, he dropped out of school early and found a first job as a croupier in a casino, while he was also a welterweight boxer in his youth, with the name ‘Kid Crotchet’. His early career never really took off and after a year in the army would return to his role as a nightclub singer on the east coast.

His career got the break it needed when he met up with the comic Jerry Lewis and they hit the stage together, with a routine that saw Dean Martin singing and Jerry Lewis interrupting in a slapstick style. The pair made it from stage, to TV and eventually into the movies.

In 1958 Dean Martin went solo and aimed for a serious acting career. His break came in a war drama, ‘The Young Lions’ and by the mid 1960’s Martin had re-invented himself as a recording, acting, television and nightclub star. He would appear alongside Frank Sinatra in many movies and eventually become part of the Rat Pack with the likes of Sammy Davis Jnr alongside Sinatra. In 1965 Dean Martin started his own TV show which ran for nearly 10 years and comprised of 264 episodes.

Dean would continue in film and TV for many years after that, most notably appearing in the Cannonball Run movies in later life. On Christmas Day 1995 Dean Martin died after a long battle with lung cancer and the lights of the Las Vegas Strip were dimmed in his honor.


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