Crime Pays Slots

Set in the shady criminal underworld, this video slot from WMS has a lot of different features and action to keep you engaged. You will find this game both live and online. The rain sound effect, musical background tunes and dramatic clanging adds to the overall atmosphere. Symbols are set against the background of a disused garage, with criminals and the tools of their trade making up the symbols.

There are three different bonus features which can be triggered, each of these comes with a ‘voice over’, which tells you what is happening and comes out with underworld clichés related to the game. All in all this is a very solidly produced slot, and one which feels more like the complex online slots which are prevalent these days than many other WMS titles – which tend to feel more like casino slot games.

Playing the Crime Pays Slot

There are 50 win lines for this game. These are fixed in place and cannot be selected. The coins are per 2 lines, so you can spin for just 25c a time. On the version I played, the maximum bet was $4 per 2 lines, for a $100 total spin. Like all WMS slots, you’ll find an auto-play option.

Symbols that you want to see the most of include the three shady looking criminals. These pay 20x your bet for the guy with the red background, 8x for the blue and green. These are not the top paying symbol overall, this is the wild symbol (simply says wild). This pays 400x, and makes up wins with all of the other symbols too. Smaller wins come from the proceeds of crime. The ring in a box, stack of dollar bills, gold and diamonds come next on the pay-table. Handcuffs, the badge and the glass (I’m assuming this is whiskey) are the final symbols. No playing cards are used, which is always the sign that extra care and attention has gone into the design of a game.

There are special symbols which trigger the bonus games. These are the words ‘Crime’ (on reel 1), ‘Pays’ on reel 3, and then one of 3 other symbols which land on reel 5. These say ‘free spins’, ‘mastermind’ and have a police siren.

Crime Pays Slot Bonus Games

Free spins starts when you hit the ‘Crime’ + ‘Pays’ + ‘Free Spins’ combination. This is a simple round, embellished by some graphics, different music and a loud voice-over telling you that this is a special gift between adversaries (or that you are lucky, it varies each time). You’ll run through the spins, accumulating wins as you go. You can retrigger, or in fact trigger any of the other bonus games during the free spins. When you end you get another cliché from the voice-over and return to the main game.

The ‘Mastermind’ round is a very complex pick-em game. Here you start by choosing a region of the world to track down the mastermind. This is based on a map with green pins in it. Your pick gets you a prize. Next you pick a region within that country, then a base and finally the criminals’ method of operation. These all have prizes (some big ones) which add up on the bottom of the screen. Again, you get to end with yet another cliché from the voice-over guy.

In addition to these break out bonuses, there is one on the reels. This happens when you get the siren in reel 5. There are 3 criminals at the top of the reels, one of which gets picked. You then win the prize associated with him each time the spotlight hits a reel, at least until you are ‘busted’.

Crime Pays – Conclusion

More complex and varied in terms of the bonuses compared to many other WMS slots. This is nicely produced, with a lot of attention to detail having gone into both the design and the game-play. An enjoyable slot, which is worth checking out for both the bonus games and solid game-play.

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