Cool Jewels Slots

Games involving matching up lines of gems are huge these days, especially as smartphone apps. Cool Jewels from WMS and is a slot game which combines gems type play with the chance to win real money. You can find this game in live casinos as well as online. Instead of a normal set of slot reels, this game is played on a 6 by 6 grid.

Groups of adjacent gems trigger wins, and also disappear – allowing more gems to fall into their places and potentially making more winning combinations. To add to the interest, wins get bigger the more combinations you hit in a row. There are also special symbols which have different behaviours – these can explode and so on. To add another level of interest, when these special symbols combine, things get even more interesting!

Playing Cool Jewels

Instead of win-lines you’ll simply decide on the total amount per ‘spin’, with the minimum being 50s. Each time you spin the jewels will be replaced completely and winning combinations assessed. You need to hit 4+ adjacent types (red, blue, orange and so on) to trigger the first win. These need to be side-by-side and not corner to corner. These symbols will flash and then explode, allowing the others to drop into the holes and new ones to appear at the top of the grid.

The first win gets you 1 coin per symbol, and each time you get a winning combination on the same spin after that, the win amount increases. If the gems drop and another win appears this is 2x, then 4x, 6x and so on. The top prize is 50x your coin per symbol, with 30 cascades possible for each spin. If this happens, it will often feel like you have won a mini-jackpot. Add to this some gems with 10x written on them for  a multiplier of 10x the spot you are at on the pay per symbol meter at the time and you will see the big-win potential.

Wild Symbols Really Hit it Big

It is the wild symbols which really add interest to this game. There are 4 types of these, and they will complete wins when they are with 3+ adjacent gems of one colour. Each wild has a different behaviour, all of which can help you accumulate more wins. There is an ‘unstable wild’ which explodes, removing all the gems around it. The ‘shattering wild’ kills off all gems along its row and column. The ‘shocking wild’ destroys diagonal symbols and the ‘persisting wild’ stays in place, moving down the grid and helping you make new combinations.

While these add a lot of enjoyment to the game on their own, there is another level of interest to go – combinations of wild symbols. Examples here include adjacent persisting and unstable wilds, which see a pink watermark, appear on the reels where symbols are destroyed for the next cascade as well as the current one. One combo worth looking out for is the shocking and shattering wilds together. Here you’ll see a blue watermark which pays 10x on any wins within it for the next evaluation. There are many other interesting combinations of these wilds – see the pay table for the full list.

One symbol not covered so far is the ‘Cool Jewels’ logo. This is related to the free games meter to the right hand side of the grid. When these symbols are destroyed by the various wilds, the bottom of that meter will light up. 4+ symbols destroyed gives you a free spins bonus, starting with 8 spins and going up to 20 (+5 for each additional cool jewels symbol). Remember that it is possible to hit multiple wins with each free spin too.

I enjoyed this game; the base game-play is made a lot more interesting by the different combinations of wilds. You never know when the standard play will suddenly turn into different scenarios on the grid and multiple wins start appearing. Once you get 4 or 5 winning cascades in a row, the anticipation and excitement level certainly rises. This is an excellent job of combining slot and gems type game play from WMS, and is worth checking out if you enjoy either.

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