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The Cheers slot machine developed by WMS Gaming is themed around the popular television show that entertained viewers through the 80’s. Several popular characters from the show feature in the slot game so that fans have something to relate to when they take to the reels. Even the background audio revolves around the TV show as the renowned soundtrack keeps playing to create a funny and nostalgic environment for players. In addition, video footages from the show can also be re-lived when playing this game.

The Cheers slots game was developed using CPU NXT and BLUEBIRD – two systems that have helped improve the graphics card, the processor, as well as the sound quality. If you’re familiar with Cheers the TV show, you will be taken back in time as wonderful voice-overs of characters such as Cliff Calvin, Carlo Tortelli and Sam Malone are sure to bring the magic back to your slots screen.

Features of the slot machine

The Cheers slot machine comes with five reels and 25 paylines. Players can not only have a fun time at the casino, but can also expect decent winnings. The icons present in this game include the TV show characters in addition to high value playing cards. All you have to do is spin the reels to create winning combinations and you stand a chance to win attractive awards. Gathering more than two of the same symbols on a reel will present you with winnings as shown on the paytable.


Bonus Features

The Cheers slots game comes with three mini-bonus rounds that offer you a chance to enhance your winnings. The Lucky Bonus Round Wheel can be activated by accumulating five wheel icons on any active payline. When playing this bonus feature, you stand a chance to multiply your winnings. Winning in this round will reward you with multipliers up to 100X, making this one of the most generous video slots. When the round starts, you will be required to spin the wheel as you hope to win multipliers. If the wheel stops at the mini-bonus slice, you can activate the Sam, Norman and Cliff re-spin feature.

Once you have unlocked the Cliff feature, you will have to choose a book from eight options. One of these can award you with all the multipliers and see you earn significantly huge winnings. If the wheel stops at the Norm feature, you will have to select a coaster from three options and it will provide you with an opportunity to win multipliers of 100X. The other re-spin feature – Sam, offers you a chance to win multipliers up to 100X too. When you win awards, the game displays various video clips from the show and makes it more interactive and realistic as the voice-overs are also played to create a wonderful atmosphere. Fans of the show are sure to have a ball at the casino.

Cheers – the TV Show

Cheers is among the most popular American sit-coms. It was broadcast for 11 years – 1982 to 1993. James Burrows, Les and Glen Charles co-created the show. It revolves around few locals from Boston who meet for drinks and catch up at the Cheers bar. Where Everybody Knows Your Name – the theme song of the show was written by Gary Portnoy and Judy Hart Angelo. The show itself received plenty of acclaim and won a host of awards including a staggering 28 Emmys. It was also nominated a whopping 117 times for various prestigious honours.

TV Guide’s list of the 50 greatest television shows in history, has Cheers placed at number 18. The characters of Diane Chambers (Shelly Long) and Sam Malone (Ted Danson) play crucial roles in a show that deals extremely well with comedy and adult themes. Several spin-offs have been created, and one of the most successful ones is Frasier. Characters of Cheers have appeared on a host of other popular TV shows in the US, including Scrubs, Ted, the Simpsons, and Wings. Sideline – a company in Dublin has undertaken to recreate the show owing to the amount of success and popularity enjoyed by it. Moreover, few shows are known to fill audiences with laughter as much as Cheers once did.

The manufacturers of the Cheers slot game have done very well to incorporate some of the most interesting features from the TV show into the slot game. This game is ideal for all kinds of players – low bettors and high rollers alike. The innovative voice-overs and stunning videos added to the game take players back to the 80’s, and have been well accepted by the market, as it is currently one of the most loved and enjoyed slot games out there.

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