Bruce Lee Slots

Bruce Lee is more than just an actor and martial arts expert. Since his untimely death in 1973, he has become a global icon – his quotes and philosophy have spread throughout the world. This slot game from WMS takes a decidedly retro feel, and adds the latest ‘money burst’ game play.

This system uses two rows of symbols for the first 2 reels, and then 4 rows for reels 3 to 5 – giving the impression of bursting from left to right. The graphics are tributes to the great man himself, with a throwing star, clubs, and swords in addition to many traditional Chinese symbols.

The Bruce Lee slot is available in live casinos and also online. Big wins can occur in the free spins bonus round, where you will make the best of the stacked wild symbols.


Playing the Bruce Lee Slot

Money burst slots have a fixed 60 win-line setup. The smaller rows for reels 1 and 2 have some additional functions in triggering the feature. For me the smaller rows make a refreshing change from the standard grid setup – without taking anything away from the game itself.

A portrait view of a young Bruce Lee is the wild symbol for this game, and also the top paying symbol (worth 400 coins for 5). This will substitute for any of the other symbols, and also appears stacked – meaning you’ll often hit multiple wins at the same time. This can be especially lucrative when you get the 2 left hand reels covered with the wild symbols, with the lines ‘bursting’ onto the deeper reels with wins already in place.

The next best symbols are Bruce in action, the logo and the green dragon symbol. The ingot, coins, scroll and Chinese vase make up the smaller wins. There are no playing card symbols in use for this slot.

One extra feature is the chest, which only appears on reels 3, 4 and 5. If you hit 3 of these you will trigger the free spins bonus game. These symbols do not come with prizes of their own. The same 5 free spins can be triggered by getting 4 identical symbols in the first 2 reels. Wilds count here, so 4 symbols can be a combination of 3-1 or 2-2 with wild Bruce Lee signs. If you are lucky enough to get 4 identical symbols in the first 2 reels, plus the 3 chests on the last 3, you get 20 free spins instead of 5.

I did not notice anything particularly different about the game during the free spins bonus. The symbols in the first 2 reels remained in place throughout – which meant only the last 3 reels spinning. If you get wilds on reels 1 and 2 that gives you a great start in making a lot of winning combinations. There appeared to be a lot more stacked Bruce Lee wilds on the last 3 reels during the spins, which created several big-wins for me. I am not certain whether this was just chance or whether these appear stacked more often for every bonus round.

Overall this is a very nicely produced slot. The retro feeling works well with an actor who had his heyday during the late 1960’s. Using the unique Money Burst setup adds a very modern take which contrasts with the retro symbols. I also liked the balance between the traditional Asian symbols and the martial arts ones, demonstrating that there was more depth to Bruce Lee than just the famous fighting scenes. If there is one thing which could be improved with this slot it is the sounds. There is a little too much reliance on the standard WMS library of sound effects. With some more Asian or martial art themed sounds, the atmosphere could be improved further.

About Bruce Lee

Bruce Lee might have been a Chinese icon, but he was actually born in San Francisco, CA. While his father was Chinese, his mother was half Chinese and half Caucasian. Bruce was born in the year of the Dragon, and at an hour also signifying the dragon. He was named Lee Jun-Fan. He was raised in the Kowloon area of Hong Kong. He appeared in several movies as a child actor.

There are 5 main films which made Bruce Lee into a Global icon. These are The Big Boss (1971), Way of the Dragon (1972), Golden Harvest (1973), Enter the Dragon (1973) and The Game of Death (1978). Lee’s marital arts were not just for the sets of movies; he was a dedicated fitness fanatic and trained in several different martial art forms. Mental and spiritual aspects of training were as important as the physical aspects, and many of his quotes and philosophies are still popular today.

Bruce Lee died on the 20th July 1973 at the young age of 32. The autopsy revealed swelling of the brain, which was thought to be an allergic reaction to a tranquilizer given to relieve a headache. Lee’s funeral was attended by stars including Steve McQueen and Chuck Norris.

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