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You may have played the board game Battleship when you were younger. You may even enjoy the game today, considering the excitement the game generates. Bringing the excitement of the game to all Battleship fans is WMS, through its Battleship slots game.


WMS is one of the leading interactive video slot makers in the world. The slot machine, which is available for real money play at several land-based casinos, is sure to entertain you as the board game did. Not only that, it will also reward you generously with its many bonus features.


Four Base Themes Available in Battleship

Battleship is the second game to be introduced in WMS’ Team Compete to Win competitive slots series. This Slot machine features a huge LED screen on top with controls for four players – two from the Blue Team and two from Red Team. The game is available in four base themes namely the Periscope Pays, Commanding Officer, The Brigade and Grand Armada. Players of each team get to compete with each other during the bonus rounds and win additional credits when they win.

The Battleship slot machine unit and the interface are designed to replicate the controls used in a war ship, a feature that war and military gaming enthusiasts will appreciate. The slots have 5-reels and the paylines differ and can be 20, 30 or 40 depending on the base game you choose. Symbols in the game include the famous logo of the Battleship board game, a map, the admiral’s cap, a battleship, an aircraft carrier and several other symbols that stand to represent the navy.

Battleship slots interface is accessible in three languages – Spanish, French and the default option, English.  The game also has certain bonus symbols that trigger the lucrative game bonuses.

How to Play & Real Money Versions

Real money version of Battleship slots can be played only at land-based casinos, given the slot concept and the equipment that is needed to make the experience an interesting one. The game unit includes gaming chairs attached to it, and accommodates four players at once. The betting range and the max bet allowed in the game differed from one base version to another. The payout percentage of this game can go as high as 90%.

At present, the game cannot be played online or on mobile platforms.

Battleship Slot Bonus Rounds

Battleship is an exciting slot not just because of its interesting game theme, but also because it offers lucrative rewards through its many bonus features. Players at the slot unit can choose which team they would belong to – Red or Blue and take advantage of the Team Compete to Win bonuses, which are offered on all base game themes. The bonuses offered include Bomber’s Run, Find and Conquer and Victory spin which are common to all the base themes. Besides that, theme-specific bonuses are also triggered, allowing the players to bag extra credits by competing with each other.

During the Bomber’s run bonus round, the screens on each team’s side are activated and a plane dropping missiles is displayed. The team that sinks the highest number of the other team’s ships wins this Team Compete bonus round, and earns extra credits. Team with the high score is also awarded a second round of Bomber’s Run to earn more free credits.

The Find and Conquer feature is similar to the original Battleship game, and needs the players to drag the carriers on the screen and place them safely on the grid. Additional credits are awarded for every such right placement. Once the teams finish placing the battle ships, they fire at the other team’s ships, by guessing their location, and earn extra credits by sinking them. The team that destroys and sinks the highest number of the opposing team’s ships wins the round and gets their win multiplied by 5.

The Victory Spins round offers the player extra spins to win more credits. The wild feature is activated during this round and the players can use the wild feature to sink ships displayed on the side screens and multiply their wins by at least 2 times.

Every base theme of the Battleship slot machine also has its own individual bonuses that are offered to the player on winning a Team Compete activity or when they get certain symbols on the reels.

About the Board Game

Battleship is a board game designed for two players. The game was initially played with paper and pencil but soon evolved into a board game, when it was released by Milton Bradley in 1967. The board game, which quickly gained popularity around the world, is said to have originated in France during the World War I, when it was played using paper and pencil by the soldiers.  But be it as a plastic board game, a paper and pencil game or a cardboard game, Battleship has managed to excite players of all ages.

In the game, each player places his or her battleships on their 10X10 Grids and the other player has to guess where the opponent’s ships are placed and tell which grids they are going to target. If their guess is right, that is if they guess the entire grid correctly or even hit a part of the grid where the ship is placed, the opponent’s ship sinks. The player with the highest number of ships left at the end of the game is the winner.

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