Austin Powers Slots

Austin Powers first hit the screens back in 1997 with the International Man of Mystery. The retro British spy with bad teeth has become a cultural icon since then, and his quotes and funny moments from those movies and known worldwide.

There have been slots based on Austin Powers before (IGT did one), however this brand new live game from WMS is like nothing you will have played before. WMS have done a fantastic job in keeping the humour of the films in place, while creating a slot with big win potential and multiple bonus games.


Playing Austin Powers

This slot is designed for the entertainment market, rather than high rollers.

You can play from just 50c, up to $3,50c per spin. The basic setup is the standard 5 reel, 3 row video slot – and the symbols on the reels are mostly characters from the films.

There are some entertaining in-reel behaviours which can result in windfalls. If you get 2 of the stacked Austin Powers or Dr. Evil symbols on the centre reels, then you get to see a video clip from the films. This is followed by numbers appearing on both sides of the reels, which spin around. The combination of the two numbers gives you a multiplier on your wins.

While these extra wins are always welcome, it is the bonus wheels which will give you the most wins. As with many slots with high-profile themes, the base slots game keeps you topped up with small wins –the main draw is in triggering the bonus games.


Austin Powers Slot Bonus Games

There are 4 different wheels which to play in this slot, including a main wheel which is mechanical and forms the main part of the top of the cabinet. All of the bonuses are trigged in the same way, which is to get 3 of the ‘Mini-me’ symbols on the centre of reels 1, 3 and 5. There are two different types of these symbols, and you’ll need three of the same ones.

This then spins the ‘Mini-me’ wheel which is immediately above the reels on the bottom of the top cabinet. What this reel does is to show you which bonus game you will get this time. Each of these is triggered with a longer clip showing an iconic moment from one of the three films.

My favourite of these was based on Dr. Evil’s Private Volcano Island. The bottom part of the screen has a smaller wheel. You’ll roll some giant dice to spin this, and collect objects to win money and trigger more of the funny moments from the film on the screen above.

The main wheel is where you can win the jackpots. If you trigger this one the large mechanical reel will spin and you can win one of 4 jackpot amounts. The example I saw put the biggest of these at more than $200,000 with the next one (the Austin Powers) jackpot over $1000.

A shorter (though equally entertaining) bonus game involves the femboy wheel, where a 1960’s model has small wheels spinning on her cleavage. One of these wheels is a multiplier, and the other one is a coin amount. When they stop, the two are combined to give you a quick win.  The final wheel is is the ‘Fat Bastard’ wheel, which also gives out a cash award.

Austin Powers Slot – Conclusion

Keeping the humour of the original films while creating an entertaining slot is no easy task. WMS have done an amazing job with the Austin Powers slot – managing to incorporate the iconic gags while creating an entertaining and very playable slot game. You’ll need to be familiar with the films to really get the humour, though most people will at least be familiar with them. This is already a popular live slot, and I’m sure that it would be a big hit as an when WMS are able to bring it online.

About Austin Powers

It really does not feel like 17 years since the first of the three Austin Powers film (The International Man of Mystery) was released. The other two, released in 1999 and 2002 respectively, were ‘the Spy who Shagged Me’ and ‘Gold member’.

The comedy timing of SNL star Mike Myers, who played both Austin Powers and Dr. Evil, really set these films apart. The over the top ‘spy movie’ genre also provided a lot of room for gags. The running gag through all of the movies was that Austin himself was far from attractive, yet women found him irresistible. His bad teeth and unfashionable glasses, adding to the effect. Double-entendres and innuendo were a huge part of the humour employed.

While sayings like ‘Yeah, baby!’ have entered the popular culture, it is the characteristic little finger to the corner of the mouth of Dr. Evil that is perhaps the most prevalent take-out from the movies. The iconic Mini-me is also now a worldwide favourite.

The success of these films can be seen from their box office receipts – with more than $676,000,000 taken across the 3 different titles. A lot more than the ransom of ‘one million dollars’ which Dr. Evil demanded in the first film.

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