Aftershock Frenzy Slot

Williams Interactive has managed to create a rare type of game in Aftershock Frenzy.

This slot combines traditional 3 reel gaming, where you’ll line up sevens and bars, with multiple win-lines, wilds and a random feature which guarantees you that every spin will be a winner.

Add to this some upbeat (if a little dated) techno music and the smooth professional game play that you’ll find in all WMS slots – and you end up with a 3 reel game which is worth taking the time to check out.

Playing Aftershock Frenzy Slots

In order to unlock the opportunity to win the biggest available prize (10,000 coins), you’ll need to have enabled the optional ‘Big Bet’ feature. This allows you to set an amount to bet over 5 spins, with $10 being the minimum available. The alternative is to configure your coin amount for the 5 available win-lines – which will enable you to spin for smaller amounts than this $2 / spin minimum.

When you have big bet enabled the special ‘Double Aftershock Frenzy’ symbols on reels 1 and 5 before ‘Triple Aftershock Frenzy’ symbols instead. It is when you line up 3 of these during the big bet round that the 10,000 coins maximum win becomes possible. Without this the biggest win is 5,000 coins (2 double and 1 triple aftershock frenzy symbols)

There are wild symbols in play, which substitute for any of the main symbols. When you get a wild in a big win combination this does complete the win – though it lowers the prize amount somewhat. 2 Triple Aftershock Frenzy symbols and 1 wild will net you a generous 2250 coins. There are smaller though still welcome amounts for other combinations of double / triple Aftershock Frenzy logos and wilds.

Plenty of smaller wins are available via the sevens and bar symbols. This game has a hybrid symbol which combines these two. This is a yellow 7 with a back bar across it. This can be useful in combination with the wild symbols to create extra small wins. With 5 win lines always in play, you will sometimes hit paying combinations on different lines during the same spin.

Another way in which you can collect a bigger payout is during the free spins feature round. The reels will start to shake, and the Aftershock Frenzy feature will kick in. This can come at any time (it is randomly triggered, so there are no combinations of symbols required). You’ll get anything between 1 and 7 free spins and will not be told how many there are. Each one of these spins is guaranteed to become a winner on one or more line. The winning combinations and prizes paid are the same as those in the main game.

How Does Aftershock Frenzy Work?

Like on most 3 reel slots, the curve of the reels and way the symbols sometimes miss the lines mimics the setup of the original mechanical games. Unusually, the controls are at the side for this game. These are big buttons which would make it much easier to play from a mobile device. Playing this game on a smartphone also takes advantage of the vibration feature (which can be switched off).

There is a ‘Big Bet’ button, which brings up a screen which lets you choose the total amount for 5 spins. After those spins complete this comes back, you’ll need to hit the ‘exit’ to return to the main view. The toolset is where the settings for the spin amounts, general slot settings and the pay table are located. Here you can choose your bet per line and set up autoplay for however many spins you wish. The pay table is behind the button which shows a graph.

When you hit the Aftershock Frenzy round, the techno music changes – this is equally as lively and upbeat as the original, just different.

Overall Experience with Aftershock Frenzy

When I first saw this game I was concerned that it would be another boring 3-reel game without any entertaining features. This turned out to be a bad first impression. In fact this is a lively game with enough going on to keep you entertained. With a 10,000 coin top prize and free spins game – on top of multiple win-lines, there is plenty enough to engage you in this game – check it out for yourself soon!

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