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The 3 Alarm Fire slot machine might seem like a very straightforward three-reel slot at first, but hit spin for the first time and you’ll quickly realize that this is a game with hidden depths. Yes, you’ll need to line up three symbols in a row to win, but with a series of different multipliers on the reels, the win sizes can escalate quickly.

Play for maximum bet and you can also get your fire gloves on the progressive jackpot. Slot traditionalists will love this game – not only does it feature proper reels, but some of the main symbols on the reels are the bars and sevens found on many classic slots over the years.

Wins and Triples – 3 Fire Alarm Setup

This WMS designed slot has three reels and to land a win you’ll have to line up three of the same symbols in a row. Fortunately, you’ll have 9 chances to do this at every spin because of the nine win lines in play, each of these indicated by its own colorful marker.

The ‘triple’ symbol is both the highest paying symbol and the wild of the game. Land three of these wilds in a row on a win line and you’ll pick up a very cool 3,000 coins, which is by far the biggest pay out of the game, although the pay-out can be much higher. If you are playing this game for real money at max bet and you hit the three triple symbols, you’ll win the progressive jackpot. As the wild, the triple symbol will also substitute for any other symbol on the reels, so it’s clear that this is the most important symbol in the entire game.

Next on the pay table is the 60 coin pay out for landing three sevens in a row and next comes the combinations of BAR symbols. Hit three triple bars in a row and 40 coins are yours, while you’ll win 20 and 10 coins respectively for hitting double and single bars. You’ll also gain a 5-coin consolation prize if you land a combination of the bar symbols on a win line.

Ringing Out: 3 Fire Alarm Features

So far, despite the big pay-out for the ‘triple triples’, there doesn’t seem too much excitement in the game, the added multipliers change all of this. I’ve already said that the triple symbol is a wild one, but every time it substitutes for another symbol in a winning combination the win amount will be subject to a 3x multiplier. This is a nice boost already, but it gets much better if you land two of these wild symbols on a win line. Any win now will be subject to a 9x multiplier, which will make any pay out worthwhile – land two triple symbols alongside a seven and you’ll find a very decent 540 coin pay out hitting your bankroll.

It’s not only the wilds which add the multipliers however. On some of the symbols you’ll find other added multipliers such as 2x and 5x. Land a couple of these on the reels and you’ll find that the multipliers work with each other – a 2x and 5x on the same win line and your win amount is multiplied by 10x. As you can imagine, the win amounts can quickly mount up, turning a small win into a decent one and turning a mid-sized win into a big, big pay out.

Where is the Fire? 3-Alarm Fire Slot Design

The gameplay is very enjoyable for a 3-reel slot, but there has yet to be any mention of fire – so where is the fire relevance? Well firstly, the triple symbol is ablaze, so when you hit those three in a row, the reels will be alight. Flames lap up the sides of the pay table which is found above the reels, while the title of the slot is ablaze too, with a fire-fighters helmet and a pick axe also feature in the title. The bottom half of the slot is much darker, the only real color being the win line indicators. The reels, although mechanical, have a black backing instead of the more usual white color.

Will This Slot Light Your Fire?

In a casino world where 5 reel slots have become king, it can be difficult for a 3-reel game to grab your attention. At first glance, it looks like the 3 Alarm fire slot game might struggle, but after just a couple of spins you’ll realize this 3-reel slot has something extra. Those multipliers add a little extra excitement to every spin, while the extra-large (or even progressive jackpot) pay-out for hitting those three blazing triples in a row gives this game added heat. It’s a far cry from the best game on the casino floor, but it is worth the occasional spin.

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