The first Internet gaming sites powered by TopGame opened in 2008, making this software provider one of the youngest in the industry. The main claim to fame of TopGame is their fast download: the company’s website claims you can gain access to their gaming platform “four times faster” than their competition. Since many TopGame-powered sites accept bets from American gamblers, websites running this software are available to players that wouldn’t normally have access to Web-based casino play.

Because TopGame is a relatively young development group, the fast download speed and easy accessibility for American players are two big feathers in their cap. With competition that has been around for over a decade, this software provider needed to find some way to stand out, and an easy to use gaming lobby, a wide variety of game titles, and a popular series of online slots do just that.

Check out any site running this software and you’ll notice right off that the lobby features a live chat / live support window offering instant access to help from their customer support team. Other Internet gaming sites require you to call an 800 number, send an email, or browse an FAQ page to answers for your questions; TopGame pages put you in contact with their support staff right from the main gaming page.

Another solid feature of gaming pages that run this software is the ability to choose between a no-download instant play casino that is compatible with almost all operating systems and computers, so if you play on a Mac, a PC, or a machine running Linux or another alternative OS, you can probably take part in the gaming action found at this company’s casinos.

Types of TopGame Slot Machines

You can take your pick from a variety of machine titles, from progressive jackpot slots to classic games. TopGame offers old-school gamblers the classic 3-reel and single payline options they prefer, but are also able to give casinos running their software a selection of modern 5-reel and multi-line video and bonus slots, featuring free spins, bonus rounds, and other features that today’s online machine gamblers expect from their Internet-based casino.

It is becoming common for software developers to allow slot gamblers the option of changing certain features of their games, specifically sound and graphics settings. Not every machine gambler likes the loud noises and flashy animations designed into machine gaming online, so TopGame has designed their slots with mutable sound settings accessible from the game lobby and in the interface of each and every slot title. But your options go beyond the standard on/off switch found at their competition: as of this writing, you can pick from three music and sound options: a classic casino sound setting, a more jazzy and funky soundtrack, and even a Spanish-style musical selection. Naturally, if you don’t want to hear music while you play, you can simply switch the sounds off.

Slot Machine Variety at TopGame Casinos

A major downside to this company’s slot offerings is the lack of variety in games to choose from. Competitors like RTG and Aristocrat have dozens of titles to pick from, and though TopGame Technology appears to be working on new titles to add to their lineup, they still lack the sort of choices you’d find at competitor’s sites.

Besides a lack of slot titles to choose from, most of this designer’s sites overlook even classic casino titles such as baccarat, Pai-Gow poker, and other games that have been a part of Internet gambling for years.

Reading the designer’s website, you’ll read over and over about the “more than 100 games” currently on offer at their affiliated casino pages, but the lack of those classic table games is disappointing, even for machine gamblers that spend most of their time and bankroll on video poker and slot machines.

TG Slots & Fairness

All online gambling titles use random number generators, known as RNGs in the industry, to perform the tasks of actually running and playing the game. TopGame sites are all certified to be fair and their RNGs certified as random by one of the gaming industry’s most trustworthy third-party certification companies, Technical System Testing TST.

Examples of Popular TopGame Slot Titles

These are just two of the more popular titles you can play at TG-powered casinos. The short reviews provided here should give you a good idea of the variety of gaming available at this designer’s sites.

Grave Grabbers

This five reel twenty payline slot features free spins and bonuses that online slot players love to chase. The theme is of a haunted graveyard, with plenty of horror features thrown in for good measure. TopGame’s graphics aren’t the best-reviewed in the industry, and the cartoon-like look and feel of the symbols and features aren’t exactly scary, though if you’re a horror fan, you’ll have a good time making your way through this creepy graveyard-themed slot. The game’s reels are set against a backdrop of a spooky haunted graveyard, lit by a full moon. TG’s Grave Grabbers slot offers over 20 ways to win, with combinations based on symbols like the Gravestone scatter symbol, the Haunted House wild symbol that substitutes for any other symbol to form a winning combo, and the eerie Grave Digger bonus symbol. The top win is worth 5,000 coins; unfortunately for fans of progressive slots, Grave Grabbers doesn’t offer this type of jackpot.

Bingo Slot

Blending two of the world’s most popular gambling titles (slots and bingo), TopGame’s Bingo Slot is a five reel twenty-five pay line game built around a bingo theme. The background should be familiar to any bingo player: a bingo card design featuring colorful bingo balls on the game’s reels. Bingo Slot from TopGame features 30 different combos that pay out prizes, as well as a progressive jackpot. Available betting denominations range from $0.01 up to $5 per spin, so players with bankrolls of all sizes can get in on the hybrid bingo-slot action. The game’s wild symbol is a purple ball, which takes the place of any other symbol to lead to a win. Look for the golden bingo ball if you’re after the game’s scatter symbol.  That scatter symbol can lead to big bonus spin awards—if you line up three golden balls anywhere on active reels, you can win up to five free spins. If you’re playing with all 25 reels active, and are betting the maximum wager, you win 25 bonus spins.